SexyBling is an all-natural escort from Nottingham who offers a dinner date service. If you ever wanted an escort who has as many brains as looks then Belinda is defiantly one for you.

A lady in the streets and a monster in the sheets, you can rely on Belinda to turn up looking lovely for your date. with her long red hair, 38DD breasts, slim body, long legs and glamorous outfit, this is one mature lady you do not want to miss out on spending time with.

If dinner is the last thing on your mind, you can always message her to book another kind of session including one of her many other services. Belinda even has a friend on call for short notice duos!

Whatever your pleasure, message or call SexyBling today and enjoy the time of your life.  


Xx~SOPHIE~xX is offering an amazing roleplay and fantasy service based in Coventry. With her long black hair and bright blue eyes, Sophie already has looks that capture your attention but then when you check out her huge natural breasts and plentiful ass on a small but curvy frame, you’re hooked.

With both incalls and outcalls on offer, you can experience Sophie’s incredible services which are pretty extensive. As an ex glamour model and lap dancer she can put on a fantasy show for you that extends only as far as your imagination and she dares you to find out “ Just how naughty do you think you can make me be for you …”

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Have you been a naughty boy? Do you need to be punished? If so, I have the perfect woman for you! Alexis-xxx is a sexy young woman from Devon to offer a BDSM service that lives up to everything you could expect.

With her tousled blond hair, D cup breasts and a slim but curvy body, she is a pleasure to look at, even if pain and not pleasure are what you are looking for. Alexis’s profile pictures show a large collection of bondage ropes, restraints and toys, just waiting to be used in sub-games.

Alexis offers a wide variety of services including, A-level, erotic massage, rimming and spanking. If you are not a sub then you can just book her for a regular session where you are the one in charge. Whatever your fancy, Alexis is one for you to try, send her a message to start your adventure.


Kayefoxy is an incredibly beautiful blonde from Devon who offers a dogging service, for those of you who just can’t get enough of the great outdoors!

This petite young lady has a very impressive 32D for her slim, five foot two frame and is all-natural and waiting for you to explore.

Kaye describes herself as fetish friendly and so has some experience of things that you might want to do but have never worked up the nerve to ask about before. Now is a great time to finally try out new things with a hot new blonde.

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HotDelightAdventures is a sexy blonde who claims to be the best GFE in Nottingham. With her blond hair, perky generous boobs and an affection for sexy outfits leaving little to the imagination, she certainly looks like your dream girlfriend!

Although she is not native to the UK she speaks fluent English and promises that she gives both the best ‘blow job and girlfriend experience ever’ because she loves doing what she does.

All you have to do is send her a message and ask to book her girlfriend experience today or check out some of the other things she has to offer such as erotic massage, tie and tease, and prostate massage.

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Tiffany, also known as SEDUCTIONIST, is a beautiful young woman from Stoke-on-Trent who offers a threesome service. Although she was born in Lithuania, Tiff has been in the UK for over 20 years so you would only get to hear that Russian accent if she gets REALLY excited!

She is happy to do threesomes with you and your partner with twenty-four hours notice at double her price, but she also has a friend she can call on if you do not have anyone in mind to join you in this adventure!

There are no hidden extras with Tiffany; everything in her extensive services list is open to you within your time including the ability to cum as many times as your possible! She also invites you to experience her ability to squirt, long in both time and distance, must be seen to be believed.

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Do men masturbate more than women?


Cultural norms would tell you its men, but who can say? Everyone likes a wank – it feels
great, it relaxes you, and some people believe it leads to a longer life! So, wank away! Well…
make sure you`re in a safe space, first.

Some men are open about their wanking habits and sometimes even inflate their numbers for
more credibility. In contrast, women are often less inclined to be honest about how much they
get themselves off. This is usually out of fear of being judged or considered a “slag”
However, this is changing, and women are becoming less bothered about the stigma
surrounding wanking.

In fact, the sex industry is becoming somewhat dominated by porn aimed at women and sex
toys designed to help get women off.

While men might masturbate more regularly, women often like to increase their volume of
masturbating. That is – while a man might have one wank per day. A woman might wank 4
times in a row, but only 2/3 times a week.

There is no simple answer to this question, and we`re only likely to get truthful answers from
a handful of people. But, its safe to assume that most people engage in having a wank every
so often.

Masturbating has changed dramatically over the years. With the increase in trans people
coming out, and the acceptance of self-love and gender identity. We now see that
masturbation is not restricted to any gender.

Masturbation is something that is enjoyed by all and is an essential part of many peoples
daily routine. However, as the saying goes “too much of a good thing”, so make sure it
doesn’t become an addiction! You still need to live the rest of your life!


poppingcandyxo is a super sexy Welsh beauty in Cardiff who offers a dinner date service. A dinner date can consist of many different situations and Candy is well equipped to deal with all of them.

Do you have a work party you have to go to and nobody to invite along to make your co-workers jealous of you insanely hot girlfriend? Give Candy a call! Is it a work meeting at a fancy restaurant, where your boss has told you to bring a date? Candy can do that! Family BBQ? Check!

Or is it a one on one date where you just want to experience wining and dining a beautiful lady before she takes you home to thank you? Candy is petite but comes with a big personality. She is a slight size 8, 5 foot 4, short brown hair and a few large but tasteful tats. She has an enhanced bust that’s a very nice D cup and best of all she has a lovely accent that has a twinge of Welsh to it but is very posh sounding!

Give her a message today to set up a dinner date or just to get straight down to dessert and book for any of her other services today.  


Captivating Chrissi is a sexy English MILF from Stoke-on-Trent who offers a role play and fantasy service that is guaranteed to be one of the best you have ever experienced by one of the sexiest MILF`s you have ever seen.

Chrissi is 46 with a body more than 20 years younger looking, which just goes to prove that Sexercise is really the secret to staying young! With long brown hair, a tan and pert B cup breasts, Chrissi is sure to capture your attention and when she has it, she certainly knows how to keep it.

With a breath-taking selection of sexy outfits and uniforms, Chrissi is well versed in role-playing and acting out fantasies and is sure to make what is in your head come to life in the best way possible.

If a threesome is part of your fantasy, Chrissi does have a young playmate that she can invite to join you, just ask her about her rates for that when booking.

Check out her profile to see all the services that she offers and pick which ones you want to experience from the lovely Chrissi today.


Kate, or Cumslutkate40gg as she is also known, is a sexy “BBW slut” who offers a BDSM service in Southampton to all of you dirty little subs out there just waiting to be dominated by this big beautiful woman.

Kate sports a size 20 figure that has an enormous pair of natural 40GG tits and she boasts “The biggest, juiciest, roundest ass on the south coast”. She has long black hair and is always fully groomed with a wax or fresh shave, and long, lovely nails ready to scratch if needed.

The services that Kate offers, that come under the heading of BDSM are, Domination, Fetish (including foot fetish), Role-play and fantasy, Smoking, Spanking, and sub-games.

If you are a Dom who just wants to experience the lusty love of a larger lady, or are not sure where you fall on the scale and just want to experience Kate’s charms then she offers many other services you can access that doesn’t involve any BDSM. Just send her a message to arrange your next playtime with her and enjoy!


Baylie Black is a sexy young escort from Southampton who offers a dogging service to those who just want to feel the wind in their privates and eyes on their performance in public!

If you love dogging, the thrill of having sex, or watching others having sex while you indulge in a little foreplay, then Baylie is the escort for you.

Baylie is a bi-sexual beauty with long brown hair and a tanned and very toned body. She is 32 but looks a decade younger with her small but very pert breasts and tiny waist.

If you are not into dogging then Baylie does also have a very extensive list of other services she offers. She is a self-confessed squirter, loves anal, can do full deep throat and likes to indulge in a bit of rimming. Those are just a few services she offers!

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Xx-SweetLikeCandy-xX is a naughty high-class escort from Plymouth who offers a GFE service sure to push all your buttons. CC as she likes to be called is a hot alternative MILF who loves to please.

CC has short black hair, pale skin, and tattoos designed to draw the eye and conjure up gothic fantasies! Her bust size is amazing considering she is a petite young thing and has a slim, hourglass body waiting to be explored.

CC is perfectly happy to be filmed or have pictures taken, so if you want a girlfriend experience that truly will last forever then just snap a few mementos, or if you choose to opt for her porn star experience and want that memory to be forever captured on film to prove it happened then film away.

With over ten years of escort experience and a real love for her job, CC will treat whoever books her with all of the sensuality, respect and attention that they could ever want. Not only that but she has repeat customers that show she really is one not to be missed.

To taste this sweet Candy tonight, just send her a message and arrange what could be the best experience of your life!


PoshLiz is a sexy, bi-curious blonde in Bradford who offers a threesome service to you and your partner to enjoy in your own home or in a hotel. This mature lady is a self-confessed squirter who loves it doggy style, the more the merrier!

Liz has a truly impressive 40DD rack and the body of a woman half her age. She appreciates the more mature gentlemen and does not offer her services to men under the age of 30. She does however service couples of all genders and disabled clients.

Liz loves to play with her strap on and she is one of the rare escorts that do offer a bareback service that cost a little extra, the only things she will not do is anal and water sports which is not exactly a big list of don’ts!

Send PoshLiz a message today to organise your threesome or to take advantage of one of her many other brilliant services and enjoy the time of your life, tonight! 


Some women are small; some are large. Some women are tall; some women are short. It really doesn’t matter what you are when it comes to sex. There’s something for everyone. 

If you’re a beautiful BBW or a little bit heavy compared to most women, we’re here to give you some tips on how to maximise your sexual potential.

The best sexual position for large women is arguably doggy style. In fact, most people would argue that it’s the best position regardless of size! 

Doggy style is great because it allows your partner to reach your g-spot easily, and if you’re conscious about your stomach, you can keep it hidden.

Second, on the list is spooning. Spooning allows you to lay on your side without having to support any of your own weight, while your partner enters from behind. This position is excellent as it will enable your partner to play with your nipples and clit to give extra stimulation.  

Next up is missionary. This might sound boring, but if it’s done correctly, it can have excellent results. Here are a few variations to play around with.

  • Lift your hips and place a pillow under your bum to allow for deeper penetration. 
  • Play around with speed and rhythm to allow deep thrusts and fast g-spot pounding.

Last on the list is chair sex. This position might be new to you, but it’s great for the larger ladies out there. Have your partner sit in an armchair, while you ease yourself onto his penis. Move gently up and down until you find a comfortable position and have your partner play with your clit simultaneously.

I hope this guide has helped all you bigger ladies looking to spice up your sex life. Just because you’re a bigger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enjoying sex just as much as anyone else!


Who doesn’t love masturbating? Whether it’s something on the TV that has got your blood pumping, or you’re just bored and looking to pass the time. Having a wank is always fun.

Not only is masturbation fun, but it’s also a great way of relieving stress and tension. Heck, if you’re struggling to get some sleep, there’s no better cure for insomnia than having a quick tug!

It can also provide mental clarity if something’s bothering you. Most men will tell you that once they’ve masturbated, they are in a much better mental state to make big decisions.

However, there has always been some speculation surrounding the negative effects of masturbation, namely, lowered sperm quality.

And here’s some good news – masturbating does not affect the quality of your sperm! That’s right, you read it here first – wanking doesn’t affect your chances of having kids!

The chances of getting your partner are more to do with frequency rather than sperm quality. So, the more shagging you do, the more chance you have of getting your partner pregnant!

There’s also evidence to show that men who masturbate more have less chance of developing prostate cancer. The results are not definite, but it’s another good reason to have a wank!

However, there are some side effects to excessive masturbation. And no, they aren’t hairy palms or blindness (well unless you manage to shoot a load into your own eyes – which of course is very rare)

Masturbating too much can cause damage to the skin on your penis and make the affected areas sensitive. So, if you’re starting to feel some pain, maybe give it a rest for a little while.

Also make sure you’re getting on with your daily tasks and not skipping out on exercise or socialising to have a wank, it’s important to get your chores done before enjoying yourself!


You might be reading this article for a number of reasons. You might have been circumcised for religious reasons, say if you’re Jewish or Muslim, or it might be for medical reasons. Or, maybe you’re just curious about whether having a foreskin makes for better sex. Either way, it’s a debate that has existed for hundreds of years. 

There’s always been a big question surrounding circumcision and whether it affects sexual pleasure, and I’m here to settle the debate.

It’s hard to say whether sex is better with or without a foreskin if you were circumcised at birth. The only real judge could be someone who was circumcised in the middle of their sexual prime.

The science shows that circumcision doesn’t affect sexual pleasure; it can be beneficial to be circumcised in some respects, because many women prefer to have sex with circumcised men for sanitary purposes. So, even if I’m wrong on this one, you might have more chance of getting laid if you are circumcised!

Circumcision is becoming less and less popular due to people moving away from the religious aspect of it. However, if you were circumcised at birth, you are not missing out. 

Yes, you might not have the flappy bit of skin at the end of your dick that many men do. But, trust me, you’re not missing out on much – it’s just another part of your body you have to wash and take care of. 

Likewise, men who have a foreskin, don’t get big-headed and start thinking that you’re superior. Your sensitivity levels are no different than any other man!

And as the saying goes, ‘it takes two to tango.” So, stop thinking about your cock for once and start focusing on having some brilliant sex with your partner!


Katrina25 is a super sexy blonde who offers a dinner dates service in the Bradford area. With her long blond hair, a sexy pout and slim figure she is sure to provide a beautiful view to enjoy whilst you enjoy a nice meal out or a work party or that family BBQ you were told you just had to bring a date to. What is really going to catch the eye though is the ENORMOUS pair of breasts in your eye line across the dinner table the whole time!

Katrina25 really does embody the words busty blonde and loves to be admired in her low cut tops and tight dresses. What boring meal is not going to be cheered up with her sitting near you?

Another service she offers is role-playing and fantasy so if you want to turn your dinner date into a whole evening of food, fun, foreplay, and fornication then Katrina can turn her hand to acting in any kind of way you want her too. Did I mention she also has uniforms? Hello Naughty Nurse!

Normal services are offered by the lovely Katrina too so if you don’t want to go out for dinner but still want dessert then you know what to do. Incalls only for this lovely lady so send her a message today to get the ball rolling for your meet with ‘The Girls’…girl…Woman…Oh, you know what I meant!  


This is not a question any guy wants to ask about his penis… Your personal pipe is your oldest and most loyal friend. Even if he has made you make some terrible decisions, you would never wish any harm on him. 

The cock is a fragile thing, but most of the time, any damage is usually psychological, so do not fret!

If your cock isn’t standing to attention and you’re below the age of 65, it’s probably all in your head. You might be nervous, or you might have had too much to drink, either way, it’ll pass.

However, on very rare occasions, dicks can break. So, let’s have a look at how and why this happens.

Even though they call it a boner, your penis is not a bone. Your penis is a mixture of blood and tissue.

However, if your erect penis is bent or twisted, it can become fractured. Most likely, this will happen during sex, or in some cases, extreme masturbation. Either way, it usually happens at the most embarrassing moment possible. 

Common ways of breaking your penis can be,

  •  hardcore sex where your penis slips out and smacks against your partners pelvis. 
  • if you’re adventurous and you try fucking in the shower, and you slip… I’ll let you imagine the rest.

Penis fractures can be extremely painful and can last for a long time, which means no sex or masturbation for weeks sometimes months. 

If you fracture your penis, you should seek medical attention straight away. You don’t want this causing you long term damage, either physically or mentally. 

Just bear this in mind the next time you envisage recreating your favourite porn scene. What works in the movies might not be possible in real life.


FiestyLilSlut1 is a beautiful busty blonde in Nottingham who offers a role play and fantasy service to all who want it as she is a bi-sexual beauty with a ravenous appetite for sex.

With her short bleached hair, multiple tattoos, and a fondness for tight, red and black lingerie, Fiesty creates an image of the ultimate Dominatrix ready to make you suffer for being such a naughty boy! In reality, though she is a total pussycat and much prefers to be the Sub to your Dom…

She loves to be spanked and be on the receiving end of your domination and will happily indulge in water sports, both giving and receiving. She is happy to be filmed and will even make your Bukakke dream come true! She’s happy to service couples too, so threesomes and even moresomes are an option if you want that to factor into your fantasy.

Send her a message to ask about her uniforms and start creating your ultimate fantasy role-play night now.


You might already know this, but anal sex requires some prep work and due diligence. And, I’m here to take you through all the necessary steps. 

Anal sex can be a lot of fun for any gender – some cis couples even prefer it to vaginal sex. Granted, it takes a little more planning, and it comes with its risks, but for some people, the added danger makes it all the more exciting. 

I cannot stress this enough, but the most important aspect of anal sex is preparation. Make sure both parties are clean. This might be self-explanatory, but cleanliness is the first thing on the checklist for anal sex. If any bacteria gets transferred during anal sex, it can lead to severe health problems and some embarrassing hospital trips.

If you are bottoming, you might also want to consider douching, to avoid any problems mid-sex…

Next up on the list is lubrication. Lack of lubrication can lead to extreme pain form friction and even things such as anal fissures and haemorrhoids, so be careful and make sure both parties are fully lubed up!

Once you’ve gone through initial preparation, it’s essential to spend some time warming each other up. Anal sex is most pleasurable when both parties are at full arousal as it allows the muscles the relax and for the cock to go in easier.

Start by easing a finger or two in until you feel that there’s been enough preparation to allow for a cock to enter. Then slowly push the head in (all the while making sure the bottom is comfortable). Everyone is different, so only go with what’s comfortable for both parties.

Once you’ve got the cock all the way in, it’s up to you what you do from there. You can go slow and deep or fast and hard – it all depends on the bottom, so make sure you are constantly communicating!


Captivating Chrissi is a super sexy English MILF from Stoke-On -Trent who offers a BDSM service. BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. It has so many different sexual and nonsexual acts that come under its umbrella that it’s really just a term for anything that is considered just a little bit naughtier than your average sex.

Chrissi enjoys her BDSM in the form of giving domination, spanking, and giving water sports among other things. With her long dark hair and tanned, slim body, this sexy MILF looks younger than her years with the stamina to match!

If you are not into BDSM then Chrissi also offers dinner dates, role-play and fantasy, uniforms and loves to French kiss all night. Feel free to message her to ask about anything you are not sure about, as long as you remain respectful she is happy to discuss anything including having a friend of hers join in the fun for a small increase in price. Slide into her inbox or phone now for the time of your life.

OMG….have you tried THESE?

If Doggy style is your favourite position but you want to switch it up a bit then here are a few examples of different variations of it, some interesting and some just plain odd!  

Chicking Winging – I mentioned odd, and here it is first up to get it out of the way. Right up until orgasm it is a traditional doggy style all the way but then when the receiver is about to orgasm, the giver bends their arms backward sharply until it resembles a chicken wing shape. This makes the poor recipient scream out loud because it either hurts or because it startles them. I wouldn’t suggest attempting this if you have to stay at somebody’s house and are trying to be stealthy.

The Superhero – This one is an arm workout for the giver and a total core workout for the receiver! Find a surface that is roughly groin level and have your partner lay face down on it while you grab their hips to raise them off the ground. They can then wrap their legs around you or have them sticking out for even more effort. You can keep this up as long as your arm strength holds up and it provides full control of depth and speed and you can admire your arm muscles while you work!

Kneel Together – This is a very intimate style of doggy where once you have entered your partner you have them straighten themselves up until you are both kneeling together. Rather than them having to brace themselves on the bed, they now have full use of their hands to do with as they wish and you can whisper sweet nothings or dirty words in their ear or nibble on their ear instead of just powering away from behind. Less penetration but more sweetness!

Downward Dog – This one is great if you want it a little more animalistic and rough with complete submission from your partner. Instead of them using their arms to balance themselves they place their palms up on the bed alongside their body. For added domination, you can hold and pin their hands to the bed.

If you are not a fan of being on your hands and knees then there are a variety of props and surfaces you can use to help take the pressure off but still enjoy the depth and penetration that doggy style can give you. Try sinking into the bed but putting a pillow under your hips to raise your bottom half up. Standing up next to the bed and then leaning over onto it while remaining standing is another option and if you are too tall then putting your knees on the bed too but leaving your partner standing is another way to go. Whatever you do, just play around until you find the right one for you!


Kataleya best owo is a sexy black haired beauty in Newcastle who offers a dogging service you should definitely check out today.

Dogging is the act of engaging in sexual acts (usually in a car) in some of the country’s most beautiful and secluded areas either with just a partner or more often than not, an audience of other dogging fans looking to be entertained and possibly even join in!

Kataleya is new to the UK but speaks fluent English not that you will probably be doing much talking when she advertises the best ‘oral without’ you can get!

If dogging is not your thing then check out her many other services offered and send her a message to arrange a meet soon.

Myth or Fact…. do you know the truth about THESE?

There are so many misconceptions about sexual health out there that it can be hard to separate myths from facts. Were you ever told you could definitely catch an STD by using a public toilet seat? Did you hear that only gay men can get HIV? How about the rumour that if you’ve caught Chlamydia then you obviously slept around? Whatever the reason behind it, age, prejudice, or just repeating what you were taught…Here is the truth about some of the things you may have heard before. (All statements above are myths by the way!)

1)    Myth – As long as you wear a condom during sex you can’t catch anything. Fact – This is not true because you can catch genital herpes by skin to skin contact with anyone that has or is getting a cold sore. This includes oral sex. Avoid this by not having oral when you have any blisters, itchy spots or tingling around your mouth.  

2)    Myth – I can’t have an STD I would know. Fact – You can have caught something with no symptoms whatsoever and passed it on for ages before you found out. If you are sexually active then you should get regular checks just in case because not all STD’s have symptoms especially if you are a guy and you are carrying it to pass onto women who then have symptoms.

3)    Myth – You can’t catch anything from anal sex. Fact – The skin around your anus is some of the most sensitive and prone to tearing, skin your body has and is a hotspot of risk for transmitting STD’s. Use condoms and plenty of lube to help prevent any damage and reduce the risk of spreading.

4)    Myth – If you caught something off of your long term partner then they cheated. Fact – Some diseases and infections can have a seriously long incubation time before showing symptoms and some never show any at all but can still be spread. Unless both of you had a check before starting a sexual relationship which was negative then there is no way to know you didn’t come into the relationship with something.

5)    Myth – If I get an STI it can just be cured. Fact – Whilst most STI’s can be cured, there are some which will affect you for life, such as, Genital Herpes (HSV), Genital Warts (HPV), and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). They can be treated but never cured.

6)    Myth – One STI test checks for everything. Fact – When you get tested they check for the common bacterial STI’s. Unless specifically asked to by you, or you have symptoms, HPV, HIV and Herpes are not tested for as they are caused by viruses and not bacteria.

7)    Myth – I can’t have anything I’ve only had sex once. Fact – You can catch an STI on your first sexual experience or your 1 millionth. If you have 1 partner or 100. To help stay healthy, test often, use protection and do not sleep with anyone if you could have something. Learn to recognise the signs and be safe.


Englishblondexxx offers a 5* VIP girlfriend experience in Northamptonshire that is sure to be an awesome experience you should not miss out on.

Englishblondexxx or Michelle as she is known as, has long blonde hair, a sexy, curvy figure, and an impressive 36E bust. Her pictures show how sizzling she is in her tight outfits, of which she says she has many to go with her impressive selection of toys.

The girlfriend experience really showcases the more natural, flirty, and seductive side of Michelle and leaves you feeling thoroughly pampered and taken care of once she is through with you.

Send her a message today to book her GFE or to take advantage of one of the many other services that she offers.

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