OMG….. Do you know when a woman is faking it?

OMG….. Do you know when a woman is faking it?

Are you one of those men who watched THAT scene in When Harry Met Sally and had to rethink his entire sexual life? Do you really think that you have made every single woman you have ever slept with orgasm? If you are not sure then here are a few handy tips to show you have to tell the difference so that you can make improvements when your lady is too polite to tell you that you are just not always doing it for her.

First off, Why do women fake orgasms? We know that women have a harder time reaching an orgasm than the men do and this is because they need clitoral stimulation to achieve it and sometimes men just forget to push that magic button and think pounding away is enough to do the job…It’s not.

Some women do it because they are just not going to get there for various reasons such as tiredness or stress and if the man is not getting the hint and they just want to get it over and done with then they fake it.

Others just don’t have the heart to tell their partner that they’re not pleasing them and they fake it so that they don’t hurt his feelings. So how can you tell?

Firstly, if there was no foreplay then chances are she never got excited enough to come and if she is a little dry then it’s a sure sign that she wasn’t into it, so if she says she orgasmed from a 2 minute wham bam thank you ma’am…She’s probably lying.

Secondly. If you are repeatedly asking her if she’s going to come or even worse, telling her to come, and she does as it on cue? You’re not an orgasm whisperer…She did it to get you off her back.

Third, is she is writhing around in ecstasy then chances are she is putting on a show. When a woman has an orgasm they react just like men do, they tense up right before the finish and then their muscles contract rendering them incapable of physical gymnastics, if you put your hand on her belly close to her pubic area, that’s where you can feel it most strongly. Don’t kid yourself that if her vagina is squeezing your penis it’s a sure sign because ladies have been doing pelvic floor exercises that do the same thing for generations.

Fourth, If she has a zero recovery time and it looking straight at you right after and talking normally without breathing having been altered, then it didn’t happen…When a woman orgasms she totally spaces out for a minute, eyes glazed, breathing ragged, face flushed and will usually take a minute or two to recompose herself. If she is straight up and knickers on and off within 2 minutes then I’m sorry it just didn’t go well!

The thing about faking orgasms is that it just perpetuates bad behaviour and if women don’t start telling men where they are going wrong then the men don’t learn and the cycle continues. If men all think that they are great at sex and can always make a woman cum, then they don’t believe that there is room to learn and improve which doesn’t help anyone.

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