My Girlfriend Identifies As A Cat | EXTREME LOVE

A YOUNG woman, who identifies as a cat, says that expressing her cat identity has brought her closer to her partner and has finally enabled her to become her true self. Kat, 31, who works as a model and at Cat Girl Manor – a residence in Colorado Springs that holds pet play within BDSM events – has been into kitten role-play her entire adult life. She met her partner Robrecht, 52, an aerospace engineer who also pursues the arts, at the Comic Con eight months ago. Kat opened up to Rob about her life as a cat at the very beginning of their relationship and Rob has not only been very supportive of her lifestyle but found Kat’s adopted feline mannerisms exciting and the couple, who resides in Colorado, has been practicing BDSM role play since. Kat told Barcroft TV: “I have always been different. I just always had a fascination with cats and I felt myself, I’m a cat. I go through life being a cat – it’s just who I am.”

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