My Boyfriend Is Submissive & I Love It | EXTREME LOVE

MEET 34-year-old Madame Posh – a Lifestyle Professional Dominatrix in Arlington, Texas. Posh runs a YouTube channel called ‘The MP Experience’, where she shares her kinks and experiences within the BDSM community. Although Madame Posh only learned about the BDSM community five years ago, she clarifies that her personality has always shown signs of a true dominatrix. She told Truly: “I have a very naturally dominant personality, and I think that it was more me trying to find the environment in which that would be appreciated.” A regular guest on MP’s YouTube channel is her male submissive, Bound Mystic, who became her client in November 2018. However, it didn’t take long before Madame Posh realised she had developed feelings for her favourite slave. Within six-months of meeting each other the two started dating and are now in a committed relationship.

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