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Escort Reviews from Swansea

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  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales09 Mar 2020
Zasha is absolutely beautiful. Very friendly and flawless in the bedroom. If you book once, you'll definately book again. Thanks sgain x
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales29 Feb 2020
A very sexy bubbly young lady who was very talkative and made eye contact throughout the meeting. A very enjoyable time. Would visit again thankyou Zasha x
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales05 Feb 2020
her instruction to her place is exact and accurate
she provide shower facilities which are very clean
her room, bathroom and whole flat smells nice and look very clean

She herself is very beautiful and smells so clean and super attractive

friendly, chatty, very...
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good English, easy to communicate with
best of best GFE

best of best sex for 2 hours in a row in different positions after bj
mind blowing bj
at the end, her hj made my 2 hour arousal reach at peak while I was caressing her beautiful body and boobs.
Very good performance

I was informed that she will charge 30 GBP extra for taking photos. I willingly pay 30 GBP extra to take photos of her (with her on face mask)
Victoria secret model body shape
very good at posing while taking photos

one of the best services
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales13 Dec 2019
My 4th visit to Zasha and I will return. Zasha is stunning. Always immaculately made up with sexy lingerie. Amazing eye contact. No rush service. My best GFE
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales12 Dec 2019
Second time seeing Kendra. Absolutely stunning, pictures really don?t do her justice! She?s the type you want to keep all to yourself!
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales04 Dec 2019
All I can say in summary about Zasha is WOW,WOW,WOW, she is a stunner, and so sweet. Thank you babe, I hope to see you again very soon xxx
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales02 Dec 2019
whre do i start, i was offerd a shower, but did not have one as i had not long left my place to meet Kendra, once i sent a text to say i parked the car up, i was told...
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where she was, she opened the door and was standing in a bodysuit , i was taken to her bedroom, which i must say is outstanding , her eyes are just come to bed eyes, for her age she knows what she is doing and how to make me feel good, what went on between us wil stay with us, all i will say, she has the most fantistic breasts i have ever seen, and the tightest pussy ever, very small, which i loved playing with and tasted so good ,as i have said her body is to die for , i was so tired and worn out once we finished, i had to stay in my car for half hour to get myself together before i could drive home, as i lost count how many times i came, not once did she look at the time, i asked how long was left
I know Kendra enjoyed our 2 hrs together
i will give Kendra full marks for making me feel i was the only person she had ever seen, please look aftre her, she is a gem, i truly mean this, i will be back to see you next year and enjoy your birthday and take care my love xxx
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales01 Dec 2019
Very beautiful and sexy lady, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, really satisfied with my experience, cant wait to see her again
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales26 Nov 2019
Stunning beautiful young lady!Really enjoyed one hour with this princess.She is lovely,friendly,top girl!Hope see you soon Kendra!
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales23 Nov 2019

Kendra made me feel like I am in heaven. My satisfaction to have service from this girl is 100%. I enjoyed my date. I was offered two clean towels and a decent shower room and toilet with all shampoo and...
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shower gel to take shower. She even provided a drinking water bottle. She is not a clock watcher at all. She is on time and when she gives service, she is not in rush at all. I feel like I am in dream. I could not believe that I have got the chance to kiss and hug and fuck such an extremely beautiful and sexy girl ( she should be a top actress to be honest; she is too beautiful to be an escort).

I grab her perky boobs the whole time since I like them too too much. I cannot stop squeezing her buttocks/ ass as well since they are very curvy and soft to squeeze.

I fucked her in various positions.
The way she fucked on top of me is so sexy and made me reach orgasm.

Again, when I fucked her in doggy position, I cannot stop squeezing her deadly beautiful and curvy buttock and it made me cum again.

Her English is good and it is easy to communicate with her. She is a very funny and easy to go person. Not only her face and body but also her personality and professionalism are top notched.

I would like to advise that every man should not miss such an opportunity to meet a well round and super beautiful girl while she is still in the business.
I can guarantee that she would be every man's perfect dream girl

I regret that I could not meet her earlier.

I will repeatedly and frequently visit her again and again for sure.
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales17 Nov 2019
Incredible meet with Kendra. She?s incredible in person and is amazing to be around. Be kind to her, she is an absolute dream! Beautiful xxx see you soon xxx
  added by  ***** for  newbustybobby69 in Swansea, Wales16 Nov 2019
Really amazing service from this beautiful lady made me feel totaly at ease and directed all her focus on me and making me feel good. Def meet again
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales03 Nov 2019
Zascha was ready ahead of time so allowed me to arrive early. We started with tender cuddling and touching before Zascha encouraged us both to undress. She asked what I like and was accomodating and suggestive, after my initial preference...
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of her on top she suggested we switch before an excellent doggy style. Finally we returned for a serious session of Zascha riding me whilst moaning loudly, right up until the moment I came. Zascha could not have been better company, I can genuinely say this was the best sex I have ever had. Would definitley see her again in a heartbeat!
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales10 Oct 2019

Sasha greeted me at the door and I was immediately blown away by how stunning this girl is, she is gorgeous. I looked down at her bare feet and just immediately thought "wow" it was like a dream. We had...
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a quick chat and took care of the business side of things then she told me to strip naked and lay on the bed.

Once there she tied my ankles together and my wrists to the headboard before laying along side me naked opening her legs and teasing my face with her beautiful feet... guys if any of you have a foot fetish like me then you NEED to see this girl they are absolutely stunning. It says she wears a size 3 shoe on her physical preference but they're definitely not that small, I'd say maybe a 6.5 uk. Now any foot fetish guy will probably agree that this is better as theres more to play with and smother our faces.

She teased me with her soles and toes, making me lick every inch of them and sucking every toe. She looked me in the eye telling me exactly what to do smothering my face. I was then made to get on my knees on the floor and suck her toes whilst she played with her PERFECT pussy, she could see me eyeing it up as it was so perfect and she gave me permission to lick her clit again whilst telling me to look her in the eye.

Back up onto the bed on my back and her ass was put in my face where I gladly licked it. Her ass is so so hot. I'm really fussy with that kind of thing and hygiene is really important to me but I didnt even think twice here whilst trying to get my tongue as deep as possible and she seemed to enjoy it.

Finally she played with my cock using her soles and toes then eventually stuck them in my face again whilst stroking my cock and I came. It was easily the best sexual experience I have had to date. I drove home in silence just still in Awe of the beauty of Zasha.

I hope I get to see her again and try a few different things. Thank you so much Zasha for putting the biggest smile on my face.
  added by  ***** for  Slutty-Porsche in Swansea, Wales02 Oct 2019
Porsche always is clean and fresh for me, I always shower immediately before travelling. Bathroom is available if required. After sorting out the financial side she got me onto the bed and snuggled up and kissed me softly, passionately. She...
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had me erect quickly, she reached down and took me in hand while still kissing me. She soon sensed I was getting excited quickly, so got onto her back and took me inside her. I was full this time and eager, she knows it is a turn on for me to lock her legs around mine so that I cannot pull out, she did that, kept kissing me while I got closer. I could not hold on for long this time, while she had me locked inside her with her legs, I unloaded what must have been at least two weeks' worth of cum into her. She even told me that was 'sensual', usually she cums before I can but on this occasion she got me to unload big. The rest of the time was spent touching and kissing softly while I got my breath back.
If I could do that every day with her I would, but it has to be when I can afford it. I cannot wait to do that again with her. She cannot be recommended enough, she'll make you forget your troubles for a while.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales10 Sep 2019
Zasha is incredible!! Accurate pictures and provides an amazing service not to be missed, I will be back soon! ;) xx
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales05 Sep 2019
Such a treasure, a diamond, so lovely and gorgeous! And so sexy! I adore this lady. Well organised too and great location. Thanks and see you soon xx
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales10 Aug 2019
Fantastic meeting with a poised naturally beauty, who?s alluring and a sexy sensual demeanour will captivate you! A true goddess!!
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales26 Jul 2019
Hottest day spent with this equally hot sexy babe;) Thank you Zasha for sharing your day off :) I really enjoyed everything ;) You look amazing in red :) xxx
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales20 Jul 2019
Spent a lovely hour with this young talented lady. She certainly was very enthusiastic and her performance was energetically outstanding. Till next time babe
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales25 Jun 2019
I think being the 3rd time meeting Zasha she was way more comfortable with me this time round and we did more things. Basically the more I see her the more the gloves come off and we can connect with...
Show more...
each other better. I love a woman that can get more comfortable with you down the line and that's what Zasha does. I ca't wait to see her a 4th time.
Zasha always on time and she don't clock watch but if you order a hour you will get a hour nothing more lol. I feel Zasha enjoy my company which is important nothing more worse than having the feeling the person you are with want you to just get the hell out. I was offered the usual have a shower things. Got the money out of the way and then it was up to heaven. I always have the best time with Zasha and it's what i look forward to in life the most. She makes me feel relax and always has me leaving with a smile. I can't wait to see her again. Be sure to read my other review I wrote on her about my first time meeting her where I go into more details about how sensational she is.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales16 Jun 2019
I was completely and was charged 30 GBP for taking photos of her (she wears the beautiful mask while getting photoed). She posed in different ways like a genuine photo model. I recommend everyone to take that service.

In term of...
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kissing and touching, everything was perfect and she was like my girlfriend. I caressed her and kissed everywhere on her body (except her lips which she did not offer). Her skin is so soft and silky that I kissed all over her body and took photo of her perfect body in different gestures.

In term of sex, her blow job skill is 20/10. I have never had such a blow job before in life. The best ever blow job on the earth. Then, we had sex in several different positions. We started with ordinary machinery position; I can see her beautiful face while fucking her very gentle pussy and touching her silky skin. The way she moans and her breasts are bouncing is more than perfect.
Then, we moved on to cow girl position which I enjoyed a lot because her bum was bouncing and I squeeze that lovely bum while fucking her and watching her pink pussy. She even moved her bum to and fro to stimulate my penis. Then, she ride me on the top and jump on me non-stop which made me feel awesome and speechless. That was my first climax.

Then, we both were tired and took about 5 minutes break by rubbing each other and talking. She is a very well educated person and intelligent. It is super lovely to chat with her.

AFterwards, I kissed all over her again and she hugs me and rubbed all over me. My penis was hard like a stone and then, I fucked her again. This time, she started with her excellent blow job and then, we did reverse cow boy position sex. I could see her bum bouncing up and down as well as her pink pussy with my penis inside. She is so beautiful like an angel. Zasha moved her bum to and fro and stimulated my penis. That was absolutely fantastic. I could not hold anymore after she was doing it for about 20 minutes. I reached climax again.

I am completely satisfied with Zasha. Her service is excellent. Her professionalism is second to none. Her shower room is super clean and smells good. She provided everything for shower. I took a warm and refreshing shower.

I was so tired after all. During two hours, I had loads of fun with her. She even had to provide 2 water bottles to me since I was thirsty and tired after satisfactorily fucking her a lot during 2 hours.
Zasha is not clock watching at all and is not in hurry at all.

After all, I am convinced she should have charged a lot more than 110 GBP per hour because her service is top notched and she is hygenic and the room is like a 5 star hotel room.

Absolutely, top class elite escort service.

I am more than satisfied with her.

I will definitely keep going back to her again and again.
I largely regret that I meet her so late. I should have met her long time before.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales07 Jun 2019
Zasha is gergeous young woman very obliging and performs outstandingly well. Treat her well. See you next time Zasha xxx
  added by  ***** for  Kendra Sexy Xx in Swansea, Wales05 Jun 2019
Absolutely gorgeous girl! Even better in real life than her pictures. Very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Sexy legs and bum, would love to see again
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales05 Jun 2019
Absolutely amazing time with Zasha,she’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with,did everything I asked for and more!!!
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales04 Jun 2019
I have to say that meeting Zasher today was the pinnacle of all the liaisons that I have had.

On arrival I was shown to the bedroom, I was offered to freshen up (I had only had a shower 3 hrs...
Show more...
earlier so only used to loo), the en-suit was clean and well stocked with toiletries.

Zasha and I spoke and did the paperwork, I requested to take photographs and paid the additional £30 (as per Zasha's profile) a fee well worth paying for the private memory that will bring many a smile to my face in the weeks, months and dare I say years to come.

We started with a wonderful massage, which I have to say was lovely, Zasha has very strong caring hands that rubbed oil into my back with wonders and pleasures of delight.

I will not go into private details in depth, but needless to say the services listed are correct.

Although I will not post all the intimate details, I will say that Zasha has the most beautiful ladies area and bum, her legs and very sexy feet, wow, simply wow!

I hope to see Zasha again when she is next in Wales or I am in the London area, to see once incredible, to revisit will be divine.

Thank you Zasha, you are so beautiful!

And guys, if you are lucky enough to see Zasha, treat her with respect and enjoy the company of this angel.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales03 Jun 2019
Elegant, down to earth, with a pleasant personality, with the most erotic body and smile, I enjoyed every second with you and look forward to next time! xxx
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales24 May 2019
The fact that I made a nine hour, 350 mile round trip, to spend two hours with Zasha says it all. She is special.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales11 May 2019
This girl was great fun and she really knows what she's doing ! Highly skilled in her field and easy to book and communicate
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales08 May 2019
Zasha is the sexiest and best looking escort I’ve ever seen, the appointment was easy to arrange and location easy to find, I parked right outside in the free parking and she buzzed me into the building. On arriving at...
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her apartment she greeted me with a warm smile. I’d already asked if we could shower together during the texts and she asked if I wanted the shower before or after, I took a shower alone first as I’d been driving a while, as I finished my shower and went to the bedroom she was laid on the bed looking sexy as hell, she came to me and softly helped me dry, she asked how I would like the time to go so I asked if I could perform oral on her, which she obliged. It’s not something I would normally do but I couldn’t help myself with Zasha, she looked fantastic and smelt really nice so I had no problem with it, I performed oral on her for quite some time as she taught me how she liked it, after a while we had full sex by which time I was so horny... well... at the end she was true to her word and took a shower with me, even though we didn’t really have time and would go over our arranged timescale. She took her time to wash me all over.
I really hope Zasha will come back to Swansea as I would definitely visit again.
  added by  ***** for  Slutty-Porsche in Swansea, Wales25 Apr 2019
Arrived just before appointed time, texted, she asked for 5 extra mins to get ready. She texted me soon after to say she was ready. Knocked, she answered and we went straight upstairs. Bathroom was available, made use of it...
Show more...
before starting. After business side she invited me to join her on the bed, kissed me passionately with lots of gentle strokes. I had requested she take it slowly so she suggested I massage her naked. Was happy to do that and touch her body, she has soft skin lovely to the touch.That led to more passionate kisses, soon I had entered her pussy, by now very wet. She encouraged me to give her my spunk while kissing me with lots of tongue. She then locked her legs around me, she knows I like not being able to withdraw. Built up slowly while still passionately kissing her. Got faster until eventually she came on my cock, we took breather then. She was wet with her own and my cum. By then the hour was almost up so spent last few minutes just pressed up against her naked, she knows I like that.
Porsche is the girl your mum warned you about, the girl you always wanted. If you treat her well she will give sex so good you will be getting a hard-on every morning for a week afterwards remembering it.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales18 Apr 2019
A charming and captivating young lady. A pleasure to be with and I look forward to seeing her again. Five stars for her and a smiley face for me.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales18 Apr 2019
Everything was Excellent, I would recommend to anyone, very happy with the filming extra and she was very keen to help exactly in how I wanted to film it, was such a good experience I came back for more.

Yes she...
Show more...
enjoyed it I believe and was very talkative in a friendly way.
Yes she offered to shower before and after.
No she did not keep an eye on the clock at all
And she was on time as planned.
Zasha needs to be seen to be believed, the best escort I have ever been to no exaggeration, I will be back for more and will keep an eye whenever she is local to me.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales22 Feb 2019
Easy communication to arrange and a delight to spend time with. Most of all I love Zasha's smile - so beautiful! I hope she's available next time.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales05 Feb 2019
Zasha is a dream come true! Always bliss to spend time with you my love. Words can not come close to describe how gorgeous you are my love. Multumesc xxx
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales18 Jan 2019
OMG, this was one of the best times I ‘ve ever had! Zasha is truly one of the most amazing, beautiful and enchanting women you could ever meet. I think myself very fortunate to have met her. As previously mentioned,...
Show more...
She lives in a very beautiful charming apartment. I have met her a few times now, so once inside she gave me a hug and we got the paperwork out of the way. Of course, I had a shower. When I came out Zasha was still wearing her dressing gown. She helped me dry the last bits of myself off. She invited me to lie down on the bed and get comfortable. It was then brilliantly that she took off her dressing gown. Oh My God, Let’s just say I had to check my pulse.

She asked, what would I like to, I gleefully replied everything. I turned over to rest my head on the fluffy pillows and she began to massage me. Her massage technique is amazing! Sensual yet firm, so if you’re tense, rest-assured that she really knows how to get out the kinks.

Once I was fully relaxed, I turned over, then she began caressing my me, we nuzzled our faces together. I really wanted to kiss her, it was so sensual, erotic and beautiful. It got me excited pretty quickly, she really knows how to please. She didn’t stop the teasing their. She laid down and unclipped the bottom part of her lingerie. She looked at me as it is to say come over here, I gently and tentatively started to perform oral sex on her, I love to give to her.

After that, She put the condom on me, we began with the oral. It was incredible, felt amazing. I caressed her hair, she looked up at me gleefully, then we moved seamlessly into intercourse. With her, on top of me, I was in bliss.

I’m normally good at holding it in but with Zasha all I had to do was look at those beautiful eyes of hers. In which I found it impossible not just to let go.

I felt so nice afterwards that I wanted to return the favour. I gave her a back and neck massage all the while having a nice little chat. She was very pleased and thankful for the massaged. That’s how we finished our date. I have to say that if you see Zasha’s pictures, you’d be mad not to see her!

I have to be honest though she is one of the nicest, and attentive women I have ever seen, and that matters the most to me. She is a goddess! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. Can’t wait to return. She’s a keeper! Treat her with respect.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales06 Jan 2019
Zasha is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! She a goddess! She's also very friendly and kind. Had an amazing time, thanks my love. Mulțumesc
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales18 Dec 2018

Zasha was ready at the arranged time. I had asked for a mix of dominatrix and gfe. I suppose sadistic gfe. I asked for nipple and cock torture and corporal punishment with lots of teasing and touching. She was exceptional...
Show more...
and knew what she was doing. I was kept on the edge of pain and pleasure and very hard the whole time. She knows how to give six of the best and I did not hold back. I had over a dozen prominent welts by the end. She then straddled me and played with my nipples and cock until I came, the whole time teasing and playing with me. Was a wonderful experience. Xxx
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales17 Dec 2018
Teased to a frenzy by Zasha, leaving me wanting for more. Incredibly sexy and very addictive. Thank you gorgeous once again x
  added by  ***** for  Pretty Zasha in Swansea, Wales20 Nov 2018
Zasha is amazing. Very friendly and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Don't miss out on her - she's superb!
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