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Escort Reviews from South Yorkshire

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  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England22 Mar 2020
Not going to go into too much detail as before as I’d be just repeating myself. However I’d requested Sam be dressed as a pig tailed sexy school girl and she was more than happy to do so. Some very...
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nice kissing and cuddling(which I need to do more of) along with some fingering and clit rubbing which got her very wet which I love. Sam then began giving me an amazing bj before I decided to lick her pussy. Sam advised me she was feeling extra horny and wanted my cock in her but I’m really not very good with condoms. I need to improve in this area as I don’t like to disappoint. Sam rode me anyway rubbing my hard cock on her wet pussy without it entering but just enough to tease us both. I could tell I wouldn’t be much longer before I decided to eat her pussy. After Plenty clit licking Sam was cumming hard and heavy. After a little breather it was my turn and as always sam’ bj’s are toe curlingly amazing. It wasn’t long till I was shooting in her mouth. A quick dash to the bathroom so she could spit it out which doesn’t bother me and we then chatted and cuddled a little more. I always enjoy our time together and felt Sam does too. Although I think I need to do a bit more so Sam doesn’t get bored of me and our time together. Once again our time over ran due to it going so quick and being so enjoyable. Thanks again and I’ll see you soon. X
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England03 Mar 2020

Another fantastic meeting with this lady. This time an in call at a parlour in Kirk Sandall. My first visit to one and I was a bit hesitant in going as I prefer home visits due to being more discreet....
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However I needn’t have worried as the area was quiet and on arrival, I was as always early was then swiftly let in the rear entrance(cue joke here). Rcm bless her had barely got out of the shower and was still wet(another joke here) but seemed excited that I was here and let me in early. The parlour was quiet and our room upstairs where we went. Rcm quickly dried off and dressed in her sexy underwear while I stripped off and then laid on the bed waiting for her to join me. We had a chat about things in general before we got down to the sexy fun. Some nice kissing before Rcm quickly moved down to expertly suck my stiffening cock. Plenty of eye contact while I was deepthroated. Her technique is amazing as she slowly licked,sucked and gagged on my cock. It wasn’t long before I had to ask her to stop before I shot my load too soon. It was Rcm’s turn and as she laid back I began kissing each of her thighs before gently kissing and licking her pussy. I fucked her with my tongue and licked her clit which she very much enjoyed. I continued a little longer before Rcm asked for me to put my cock inside her. At this point I had gone soft but with some more expert sucking was soon hard again. I really wanted to fuck her properly but the very thought of wearing one and the lack of sensation it causes me soon turned my cock limp. This is in no way due to the fantastic service I always get and completely down to me and my dislike of condoms. After much apologising to Rcm who was very understanding the rubber came off. She was still on top at this point and continued kissing whilst we dry humped at which point I could feel myself becoming hard again and could here that Rcm was getting more and more excited. At this point I asked if she would like me to lick her clit which was met with a resounding yes! I was happy to oblige and resumed doing this at it wasn’t long before I was tasting her juices and at which point she began to shudder and shake to what seemed to be an intense climax. A few minute for Rcm to catch her breath and then my turn. And once again she sucked me expertly. As I’d put off twice cumming a third time wasn’t going to happen and as I’d resisted before it wasn’t long before I was shooting what felt like my entire bodily fluids into her mouth. Toes curled still it took me a good few minutes for them to uncurl and for me to calm down. As I did we chatted once more and it became apparent that I’d overrun by quite a bit of time. Rcm is no clock watcher at all and I hope the reason our time overran because she enjoyed it just as much. A little while later we both got dressed. I was seen back to the door and a kiss goodbye before I went on may merry emptied way! Thanks again. See you again soon! X
  added by  ***** for  AngelDesiree in South Yorkshire, England27 Feb 2020
First meeting with Angel, she is absolutely stunning, felt like I had known her years, excellent coms, can't wait for Angel to take me back to heaven again x
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England18 Feb 2020
She looks innocent and sweet but is as filthy as they come. Beautiful girl. Im left thinking of her. X
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England14 Feb 2020
Ooo la la!! Thank you for an awesome evening, always pleasurable and never want it to end. See you soon my gorgeous goddess;) xxxxx
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England08 Feb 2020
Our first meet today and it was a short notice meeting and was in the door 45mins later. I was met at the door by a curvy attractive lady dressed in black underwear. I was shown the bedroom where the...
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paperwork was taken care of before stripping down and laying on the bed. Very quickly I was joined on the bed and we began to kiss very passionately while my cock was gently stroked. We continued to kiss a little longer before retro gradually worked her way down to my growing cock. She then took my cock in her mouth and slowly began sucking. Nice and slow as I had requested. I could feel myself getting very hard very quickly. Retro continued sucking a little while longer before moving straddling me to indulge in more kissing. She then removed her bra showing me her amazing boobs. She then leant over so I could kiss and suck them to which I heard her moan in pleasure. Whilst doing this she began to grind on my hard cock which if she had continued I could have quite easily cum very quickly. Retro then began to kiss down my body just enough so that I could get my throbbing cock between her boobs which again I could quietly easily have cum doing. At this point I decided it was her turn for some pleasure which was met with happiness. Retro laid on the bed while I then began kissing her thighs first before diving straight in which she was pleased about. Retro has a clean, trimmed pussy which tasted amazing. She was very responsive and was getting very close to cumming when she stopped me asking me for my cock inside her. Strange as it may sound as I prefer oral I declined(I promise I won’t next time!) and continued to lick her pussy and clit whilst gently fingering her till she shuddered and came what appeared to be really hard which always makes me happy too! My turn again after a few minutes for retro to gain composure and it wasn’t long before my cock was gently being sucked and deep throated. As I was getting close I asked if I could CIM and was told after my performance I could wherever I liked which I was very happy with. A short time after I was soon shooting a huge load into her mouth which left my toes curled for some time! Once I’d manage to uncurl them we both then got dressed whilst chatting away. At no point was there any clock watching and was made to feel welcome all the time I was there. A great morning with retro which I hope she enjoyed as much as I did. I will definitely return. Thanks very much!x
  added by  ***** for  Pretty English Paige in South Yorkshire, England05 Feb 2020
Mistress Paige ! Perfect in every way a true master of her craft do not be deceived by that pretty face.
  added by  ***** for  Pretty English Paige in South Yorkshire, England08 Jan 2020
Paige gave me by far the most positive experience I've ever had... she is outstanding in every way. Look after her boys and she will treat you well!
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England05 Jan 2020
Wow!! Thank for this very enjoyable and amazing evening Gemma! See you soon my gorgeous goddess xxxxx
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England01 Jan 2020
very sexy curvey lady got me all hot and bothered an we both get very carried away will def be returning xx
  added by  ***** for  Sweet sexy Amy in South Yorkshire, England24 Dec 2019
Amy is a sweet and sexy woman, with a lovely figure & caring nature. Ignore any adverses comments on ukpunting, etc. which simply are not justified.
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England22 Dec 2019
Lovely lady great body lovely boobs and the best bj I have ever had wow wow wow can?t wait to see her again aXxxxxxxxxxx
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England21 Dec 2019
Wow. This lady is fantastic. Warm and friendly and she did everything that was asked. Highly recommend.
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England21 Dec 2019

I was a little apprehensive as the hotel the escort had booked I have had poor experiences at, how wrong could I be, from the moment she opened the door her smile melts you, her kiss weaken your knees and...
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then her eyes scream at you to pleasure her, this lady certainly knows how to please a man, and how she wants to be pleased, she has experience that only a lady of a certain age can attain, but with incredible youthful face, she has complete control of every part of her body and will take you to places that some men will never find. I have been working in Doncaster for 7 months and by far the best lady in town.
  added by  ***** for  Retrocurvymilf in South Yorkshire, England18 Dec 2019
K was extremely friendly and immediately put me at ease. General chatting but not overly so just as i like.
The GFE experience i expected or wanted was by far exceeded in fact i tried to see her again the following...
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morning but she wasn’t available.

Okay it would not be fair to me or K.... to go into intimate details of our time together. It was a full GFE with Sex, Oral Both ways and other things listed on her likes. I am a giver and I am certain i gave her as much pleasure as she gave me. I was genuinely sorry when our time was up although we had run over which I hadn’t realised. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a beautiful curvy lady with a capital L. She really is a lady. I wish i could keep her all for myself. These comments are really Genuine
  added by  ***** for  Sweet sexy Amy in South Yorkshire, England14 Dec 2019
Lovely slim, blonde lady. Had a very nice time indeed. She has possibly the prettiest bottom in Sheffield!
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England22 Nov 2019
Unbelievable, honestly the best I've ever met. Super friendly, fun, intelligent and sexy as hell. Incredible in bed, can't speak highly enough of her. Perfect.
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England10 Nov 2019
Polite and patient lady with outstanding oral skills. Beautiful body and very attractive. Very nice to talk to and good company. Cute English accent
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England09 Oct 2019

After sorting out the paperwork and catching up it was fun time. After stripping Gemma to reveal her hot gorgeous body we had a nice long kiss my hands exploring every part of her, her huge firm tits and very...
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grab able arse as she stroked my cock until solid she then went down on me sucking my cock first lightly while wanking me at the same time then all the way down deep throating me whole cock she is the best at oral and soon had me cumming in her mouth which she swallowed. Then while I recovered I repaid the favour licking her soaking wet pussy tasting her sweet juices until she also came. Then on with a condom and I enjoyed fucking her first doggy watching her gorgeous arse bounce against my cock, then cowgirl to see her huge tits as she rode me. And finally missionary with her legs pushed back as I pounded away until I couldn't hold it anymore. Perfect as always already booked my next visit.
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England03 Oct 2019
I really enjoyed my time with this young lady.She’s very pretty and a responsive hot girl..Would like to see her a lot..
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England30 Sep 2019
Stunningly beautiful, incredible body, an ass I'll be dreaming about for years, amazingly skilled in bed. But most importantly super friendly and fun.
  added by  ***** for  xxxKelly73 in South Yorkshire, England06 Sep 2019
My hour with Kelly was just great.
She responded to everything I said I liked and gave it totally without holding back.
This lady is a total 100% 24-caret tart, with an wicked number of skills!
(She won't mind me saying that. She...
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takes pride in being
good at her job!)
We did practically everything you can do in the oral and bum spanking line. Every variation was
explored with great pleasure on both sides. I believe she had a minute or two of orgasms while
I gave her pussy oral and used fingers, and played with her bum hole. If she didn't, then she deserves an
Oscar for her performance.
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England04 Sep 2019
Top lass, really friendly, very sexy, amazing tits, did everything she said she would, made me cum 3 times, highly recommend. Amazing fun.
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England30 Aug 2019
A beautiful, sensual lady. Gorgeous curvy body, soft skin and long dark hair. She made me feel relaxed and happy. Would love to do it again.
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England15 Aug 2019
Looks like her profile , really enjoyed the date i felt she did as well . Had a lovely chat afterwards.
No rush policy as well
Had a shower before

She was ready at the time stated

In summary had two previous disastrous meets...
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with other escorts so i was very weary as to what i was going to expect ,However Savannah was a complete contrast ,she was very polite had a , great body and very important she, looked like her profile , and i enjoted myself 100 % and will be def re booking .with her sometime in the near future x.
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England14 Aug 2019
The whole girlfriend experience from start to finish was amazing and I got exactly what I asked for including some kinky stuff and stap on and at no point was refused anything on the liked list at the end I...
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was offered a no point was there any clock watching at all and was then offered a shower and drink we then sat and had a lovely chat on the sofa would definitely recommend this lovely lady to anyone in the future and would certainly see this sexy lady again and next time consider booking a much longer session with sexyhornybrunete
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England06 Aug 2019
What a sweet, wonderful and engaging girl. Interested in what I wanted, eager to please and so good. Can't wait until next time.
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England05 Aug 2019
Great time with savannah, very sweet and naughty! Body and service is one of the best, really good Kisser too would see again
  added by  ***** for  Pretty English Paige in South Yorkshire, England27 Jul 2019
A fantastic 1st visit to this beautiful, sexy little minx who just knows how to please. Can't wait for some more sexy fun with you Paige ! X Treat her well Boys
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England02 Jul 2019
Felt honoured to spend time with this wonderful lady. Glorious rimming, beautiful OWO, and a mind blowing CIM, where every drop was swallowed.Beautiful person.
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England18 Jun 2019

Met at the door by Gemma looking gorgeous as always after a quick chat and sorting the paperwork she gave me an amazing blow job she is the best at oral, deep throat the works She had me cumming in...
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no time. Then it was my turn I could lick her pussy for days soft juicy fresh and sweet. Then on with a condom and sex in a couple of my favourite positions then to finish off I cum all over her big firm tits. I've been to see Gemma countless times and she always leaves me satisfied
  added by  ***** for  AngelDesiree in South Yorkshire, England04 Jun 2019
If carling done escourts. Probably the best time of my life. Made me feel very special. Amazing body and great fun. We laughed over my little cock, amazing
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England06 May 2019
Thank you again for a lovely dinner rendezvous. You’re absolutely amazing and sexy as always. Looking forward to seeing you again soon hun ;) xxxx
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England27 Apr 2019
She answered my text in a short time, and I was to her place one hour later, when she open the door my first impression was WOW, this lovely lady look amazing, she asked if I want to use shower...
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but I just did one at my home, she invited me to her bedroom, nice and clean with a king size bed, we get naked and the fun begins with me offering her a pussy licking, she tastes amazing, I asked for 69 and she made me cum in one minute, definitely the best bj with cim and swallow. Round two starts also with a 69, I wish to spend all night doing 69 she really knows how to do a bj definitely she has experience. I asked to put a condoms because after 5 minute I was nearly to finish again, I chose women on top, she know how to move and make you want more, we finis with dogy, is a nice view she has a amazing ass. Definitely I will visit her again, next time I will block on hour maybe 2. Thanks and see you soon.
  added by  ***** for  sexyhornybrunette in South Yorkshire, England05 Apr 2019

I didn't want to cum too quickly as it takes me a bit longer t get going again these days - and so she obliged me perfectly my keeping my cock in her mouth for 25 mins, releasing it just...
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to work wonders on my cock with her tongue, ll the way up the shaft and around the hed, then with 6 mins remaining she stepped up a gear until my cock exploded into the warm softness of her mouth.She then came level with my face so I could see her swallow the full load.
I know some pretty girls, and I know some dirty girls.
I don't know many as pretty, and as downright filthy, girls as this one
  added by  ***** for  Pretty English Paige in South Yorkshire, England04 Feb 2019
Fantastic meeting with a very sexy, friendly woman. Definitely not the last visit I'll make to Paige
  added by  ***** for  AngelDesiree in South Yorkshire, England28 Nov 2018
Absolutely fantastic! And my god can she suck a cock !! She is a great lady who puts you at ease. We fucked in several positions and ended with a great CIM.
  added by  ***** for  xxxKelly73 in South Yorkshire, England10 Oct 2018
Kelly was a few minutes late for our meeting but answered my arrival text promptly and just told me she was getting ready. Within five minutes I was knocking on the door and she inisted on me following her into...
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the bedroom. I was offered a shower (both before and after) but had already had one prior to arriving so declined.

As we walkedto the bedroom Kelly (dressed as described above) stopped to pick something up in the hallway and I got a glimpse of her delightful pussy and arse (she even spread her legs ever so slightly when I commented. A quick giggle from her and within no time we were sat on the bed having a quick chat whilst she ever so helpfully stroked my cock through my jeans.

It didn't take much prompting when she told me to get them off and within no time at all Kelly (still fully clothed) was administering some of the finest cock and ball attention you will receive. Plenty of spit and dirty talk as she worked the little fella. It was surely time to return the favour so Kelly span round so I could taste and play with her pussy. I don't believe she is that good an actress or maybe it's my ego but pretty soon Kelly orgasmed. She then undressed and still straddling my face proceeded to play with a few toys, the sight of her sliding her toy into her soaking pussy whilst I kissed and caressed her pert bum made me wish I had a camera with me.

On with the condom and sex followed in a few positions, reverse cowgirl, doggy and finally missionary with her legs over my shoulders until I couldn't hold back anymore.

Now comes Kellys challenge; A second pop was requested and in no time at all a combination of Kellys hand and oral skills (along with very very dirty talk) had me ready to go again.

Kelly definately isn't a clock watcher and when I got back to my car I realised I had stayed over my booked time. But I definately will return, I promised myself a duo with Kellys friend and I think that might be on the Christmas list.

Thanks Kelly, and well done for the challenge; not many have succeeded.
  added by  ***** for  EbonySavannahx in South Yorkshire, England03 Oct 2018
Truly amazing young lady. Sexy figure, cheeky personality and A* perky bum. Thoroughly enjoyed our time and can't wait to see her again!
  added by  ***** for  Pretty English Paige in South Yorkshire, England14 Sep 2018
What a filthy mind this gorgeous Lady has ! She just luvs to tease, wank, suck & fuck cock ! So thorougly enjoyable & so very dirty ! Can't wait for more !
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