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Escort Reviews from Somerset

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  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England25 Mar 2020
Very Responsive, beautiful, Sexy Lady! With THE PERFECT BODY! Lovely/Fun Personality & AMAZING~ENTHUSIASTIC in the Bedroom! A joy to be with
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England15 Feb 2020
Such a wonder full time with this beauty met her 3 times, Great body and personality, Had a great time with her will be visiting again soon.
  added by  ***** for  Beautifulbonny661 in Somerset, England21 Jan 2020
Lovely lady, photos don't do her justice. Very welcoming and put at ease. Treat this lady with respect can't wait to meet again.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England20 Dec 2019
Amazing, energetic, proactive and squirts numerous time, i was walking funny for days after, not to be missed , please let me know when you are back xxx
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England14 Dec 2019
Organised and commnicated the meeting very well, Arrived on time, Nice place, amazing snogging soon a I got into the house, tried something differnt a Blindfold for her. It was one of my fantasy's and fullfilled successfully. Once the blindfold...
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was on I started with exploring her kissng her all over, fingering every orafice that I desired and enjoyed each and every part of her, moved onto DT oral with me in control the last inch is always hard but thats were 90% of the pleasure lays. I was in a trance as I felt her throat, ignoring the fact that she maybe choaking, spitting and struggling to breath in my persuit to make sure the I could go deep as possible. After a few minutes I look down to see her smiling from behind the blindfold with tears on her cheeks, that was magical. moved onto Misionary, and doggy both Vag and Anal unable to hold on anymore I evenually flooded her mouth and throat with my seed and emptying my sack, with trembling legs fell onto the bed unable to move.

Had a very nice conversion for 7-8 minutes while exploring her body when laying together then i was ready for round 2 started by providing oral and she squermed several times and eventually I was called crazy as I layback and stated that it was her turn, again Vag and Anal sex in several positions and evetually could not wait and expoded in the ASS, I also have butterflies in my stomach when I go and see someone new or 2nd or 3rd time after that i am more comforatble. I was feeling like that when i went to see her after 10min I was feeling so relaxed it was like having sex with a SUB girlfriend that was hughly accomodating can wait for her to come back to the midlands.
  added by  ***** for  bustierbabe53 in Somerset, England18 Oct 2019
lovely lady ,hard working ,clean and tidy ,pleasure to be around ,respectful of those around her ,return from me any day
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England04 Oct 2019
Absolutely fantastic!, tall, slim, responsive, mind blowing oral,great sex, would highly recommend and will see again and again, five star!
  added by  ***** for  Beautifulbonny661 in Somerset, England25 Sep 2019
Wow now I have found myself a real little treasure here Bonny mmmm is totally amazing sexy and friendly definitely need to see you again soon thank you xxxxxxx
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England01 Aug 2019
I arranged the overnight booking with Lucy a few days in advance because I read her profile and I thought that it was really funny so knew that she would be a good laugh.

Communication for the couple of days leading...
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up to the meet was excellent and she recommended the hotel and specific room that I booked - It wasn't cheap but was well wroth it. Large private balcony attached to the room with a huge hot tub, sun loungers and L-Shaped soft furnishings.

Lucy had asked me what toys and outfits I wanted her to bring along and she arrived with a suitcase full so I knew I was in for a good night.

She arrived at my room and I was pleasantly surprised as she was fitter than she portrayed herself on her profile. She planted a kiss on me when I opened the door and we began chatting to get to know each other a little. She never mentioned the paperwork and had her case of 'Goodies' opened before I knew it but I wanted to get the business side out of the way early and I think she appreciated this.

We moved out to the balcony and removed the hot tub cover then went back inside to get undressed. More passionate kisses before I went to the en-suite to get the bath robes. She was already naked in the tub when I returned so I hopped in beside her and immmediately she got on top of me and we started passionately kissing again. I couldn't keep my eyes off her boobs which are magnificent. Large and soft breasts, huge areola and nipples like gob stoppers that go solid in your mouth as you lick and suck them and she started to get really turned on. I had one then the other then both in my mouth as I started to play with her pussy and clit. Her moans and groans are genuine and she got to work with her dildo. I couldn't wait to taste her so I got my head under the water and began to lick her out, but she hitched herself onto the edge of the hot tub so that I could get my tongue and fingers right in therre while she continued to play with her dildo on her clit. It wasn't long before she squirted and if we were on the bed at the time I would probably have got as wet as I was being in the tub!!

Lucy then started to give me a blow jon as I stood up and guys... she knows how to reach every spot. Time to get out the tub aon onto the sun loungers as we both needed to catch our breath. We had a great conversation and learned a little bit about each other but after about half an hour I couldn't hold back and had to go to work on those magnificent breasts again. Again she got so turned on so I went down on her pussy and clit again, licking, kissing, sucking, fingering both holes as she played with me. She enjoys giving and receiving a good rimming too. Once again she had a shuddering orgasm and her dirty talk made it all the more exciting for me.

Time for another break and Lucy went down to the bar to bring us both a large drink which we tool out to the balcony where we lay arm in arm n the soft L-shaped couch. We spent a couple of hours chatting, laughing having a brilliant conversation, carressing and just relaxing under the stars. Eventually we were both ready to go again and we had a great 69 where we both came at the same time. Lucy certainly knows how to please a man. Eventually we retired to the bed and lay naked chatting for ages before I needed to go to sleep after a long day and 'hard' night!!

In the morning I was wakened by luck playing with me so we got up and had another go in the hot tub with more of the same, playing with those magnificent boobs and nipples, getting another bbbj, licking her pussy and star before she bent over and I entered her, fucking both holes, arse first then pussy until I could hold back no longer and shot my load again.

We both got cleaned up and I jumped into the shower to freshen up before we both headed down for breakfast. Throught the whole meeting Lucy was like the perfect partner and I can honestly say that it is one of the best nights I've had in a long long time. She is not a clock watcher and the time we spent together was well over 12 hours. If you ever get the chance, you should definately take the opportunity to meet this onderful lady. She will give you the time of your life and has a brilliant personality. Thank you so much Lucy. I hope I can see you again sometime xx
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England23 Jul 2019
Everything a greedy guy (like me) could wish for. Tall slim and so sexy and VERY responsive. Cums and cums, loved it xx excellent location, clean and discreet.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England24 Jun 2019
Amanda is one hot and sexy Milf 1hr of sexy fun and she’s also very friendly and easy going will defo see again thanks hun xx
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England05 Jun 2019
So I turned up a little earlier than expected but was not a problem at all. Buzzed in to the flat and kitty was waiting for me behind the door once it was shut it was full on kissing and...
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carresing, she was very very wet and seemed to appreciate a few fingers slipping into her wet pussy to make her even wetter. She was squirting all over the floor within 5 mins of being in the flat. She seems to love being made to squirt, especially with some generous pussy slapping, I can't remember how many times she squirted for me. It also tasted so good I couldn't get enough. She was so horny and rode my cock like there was a race. She is definitely one of the best
  added by  ***** for  Beautifulbonny661 in Somerset, England05 May 2019
Did you ever fancy your mates mum when you were young. Bonny is Bridgewaters perfect Milf. Thanks Bonny xx
  added by  ***** for  Beautifulbonny661 in Somerset, England03 May 2019
A superb time with a beautiful woman whose gorgeous eyes will seduce you. Great premises too, couldn’t be more comfortable. A perfect meet.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England11 Feb 2019
Very sexy woman, deep french kissing, excellent oral skills, great view in doggy style. Highly recommended. As Arnie says - l’ll be back!
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England22 Jan 2019
This is my second visit; previous visit was in Coventry a while ago. Organised and communicated the meeting well. Arrived barely on time due to traffic. Nice place. welcomed in and comfortable with a French kiss and light touches, lead...
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to bedroom. Her profile is very accurate about physical description and services that are provided with great enthusiasm. Nice clean place. quickly got the paperwork out of the way. excused for 2 min and stored the money away and is back with a smile on her face and ready for action and smelling nice.

Quite happy to start where we left off from the front door, love the deep French kissing just like GFE with lots of tongue.
Happy for me to kiss, touch, explore and place my fingers anywhere I desired. No restrictions. Undressed both straight into an amazing blowjob without. Amazing effort for Deepthroat.

On with a condom and mounted, it was a nice tight fit, I’m not that big but it was hard to hold on after a few minutes changed to doggy and couldn’t help exploring her tight arse which fucking her pussy. Helped to loosen her up before penetration which was an additional £20 as expected. She guided me in and I allowed a minute for her to adjust it was extremely tight. After the initial minute she was quite comfortable and I started banging it was amazing however very hard to maintain, unable to hold on for long went straight back into missionary anal, just the thought and I was blowing like a volcano, there was no control left. I shot as deep as I could, sweating and drained just rolled off Amanda completely satisfied.

We talked for 10min then started to make out again. A nice blow job to get me back in and then she jumped on to start with, this quickly changed to doggy and then missionary as I guess I like to take control. All the while I am fucking her I was sucking on her juicy tits and French kissing her and exploding her body with my hands.

With all her moans and groans I couldn't help myself I had to cum and this time it was multiple blast straight in the mouth, she continued to such until I was drained. I was sweating and extremely tired and feeling like a king. I got dressed and took my shaky legs out of there and kissed her goodbye and thanked her for a passionate hour I prefer to take a shower when I get back home rather than there as I like to take my time. Babe make sure well lubed up for next time, thanks for an amazing session, until next time X.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England10 Jan 2019
A fabulous time with an extraordinarily talented lady. Flirtacious, sexy and with amazing stamina, Amanda's definitely the real deal.
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England17 Dec 2018

Once you get to know Lucy she will go out of her way to ensure that both of you have an exciting and wonderful time.

On this occasion she was on the bed in the doggy position which allowed me to...
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cup one of her tits in my hand and tweak her nipple whilst the other hand was engaged in teasing her pussy and inserting as many fingers to allow her total satisfaction while my mouth was engaged between the cheeks of her arse licking and kissing her bottom. When Lucy has reached her peak she then gave me one of her lovey blow jobs which feels like she is sucking your soul out of your cock and ends up with me fucking her.

What a way to spend a brilliant couple of hours with her knowing that there is more to "Cum". Wish I could take my wife with me next time so that Lucy could show her the finer points of enjoying sexual contact.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England21 Nov 2018
Amanda really seemed to be pleased to see me after quite a long break from last time - she used to work in Reading a lot, but has recently been 'up North' mainly. I jumped at the chance to see...
Show more...
her again. I got a very warm welcome, lots of DFK and fondling. We then did w/s both ways, and a bit of mutual washing. We then dried off and got on to the bed, moving on to Oral both ways, with me fingering both holes, sometimes at the same time.

We then rubbered up and enjoyed some lovely A in doggy, moving on to V in missionary/legs over shoulders - she is very flexible! We finished with CIM whilst I toyed her pussy with a large dildo. She then confessed that she preferred smaller cocks - that cheered me up no end, being pretty average. We finished with cuddles and chats - a nice end to a great session. She was keeping an eye on the time, but we had come to a natural end, and she did ask if I wanted another shower (no), so I wasn't bundled out the door by any means. I would certainly meet up again if she is back in the area. Thanks Amanda, you're a gem!
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England06 Nov 2018
Great comma through the late arrival due to traffic, even still I was greated with a warm embrace, and some passionate dfk, continuing in to the bedroom with some mutual fymband gently playing with each other.
Shower and drink offered, then...
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she could not strip me quick enough. Next I know Amanda is laying on the bed legs spread and a naughty smile, how could I refuse. Lots of attention given to her soaking pussy and within a matter of minutes she had a very loud orgasm swiftly followed by squirting everywhere. This happened on many occasions after until she told me to fuck her hard from behind. And what a sight, beautiful ass to hold on to and hearing her moan I didn't last much longer, this milf is special and I can't wait to be soaked by her gushing pussy once again, a drink was offered after and greatly appreciated.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England27 Sep 2018
A most enjoyable encounter with a very nice lady who has good sensual skills and lots of energy. I would highly recommend. Thanks Kitty xx
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England13 Jul 2018
easy to find flat, was buzzed in to be greeted with the sight of hot.kitty in matching bra and knickers and high heals and what a sight. taken through to the small bedroom, offered and accepted a shower returned to...
Show more...
be greeted with kiss which rapidly turned passionate. she stripped out of her bra and knickers before removing my towel to free my erection. as she is a lady to be respected I won't go into details of our encounter except to say kitty is an extremely sexy and horny lady who loves giving and loves receiving and is very talented and what she does. a fantastic hour spent in hot sweaty sex with a beautiful lady was the perfect way to spend time before the football, kitty is well worth the money although it didn't feel like that sort of transaction and I will definitely return for some more fun in the afternoon with the fabulous kitty
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England12 Jul 2018
When She Open door I cant Bealive How Beautiful She Is.Her legs was from earth to sky. Her service blow my mind up. She know What She doing DEFINITELY.10/10
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England27 May 2018

I arrived and Lucy was dressed as requested. I was greeted with a long deep French kiss with plenty of tongue action. With the paperwork out the way I was offered a shower and a drink which I declined as...
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I'd already showered prior to the meet and I wasn't in need of a drink. More DFK with groping and nipple play. Then stripped off and relaxed on the sofa and told Lucy to get between my legs and suck my cock which she did. I had requested deep throat and she obliged without much encouragement and wow. She didn't want to hurt me so requested I push her head as far as I wanted and again wow, I'm 8" and she took the whole length to the balls. After a short while I filled her throat which she swallowed the lot without question. We then chilled and chatted while having a cuppa then while I finished my tea she lay back on the floor and started using toys on her pussy. This made me rock hard again so I knelt on the floor by her and began fingering her pussy while she toyed her clit. I then removed my fingers and grabbed a massive black double ended dildo which she took in her pussy like a champ while she continued on her clit. After a short time she bent over the sofa with her arse and pussy in full view and accessible. I again took the double ended dildo and with a lubed arse slowly pushed it into her. Once she was taking it I put the other end in her pussy and fucked both holes with a monster double ender. After 5 mins of that I removed the dildo, then used my fingers on her arse, pounding it with 3 fingers then on with a rubber and I buried myself balls deep in her arse. This lady is certainly an anal expert and can take a real good banging in her rear end. I flipped her over and again entered her arse while she fingered her pussy with everything in view. While this was going on I was telling her what an anal fuck slut she was, it was full of dirty talk throughout. After 15 mins in her arse I whipped it out removed the condom then got Lucy to blow me again into her very willing mouth which I finished in and she took the whole load down her throat again.

This lady is quite the sub and loves a good fucking in all her holes. She is very friendly and accommodating and can honestly say this was a great meet and well worth the rates. If you were closer I'd probably see you often. Give her a go lads, She will literally leave your balls empty and bone dry.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England27 Mar 2018
Wow the hottest kitty with the hotest pussy. Great BJ CIM and then 5* fuck to follow. Made me cum twice in the span of minutes LOL...
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England11 Jan 2018

This is my 5 that time with Amanda, I loved it, walked in and was greated with a hot kiss and a feel of her sexy ass, followed her upstairs with an eye full all the way. Within 5 minutes...
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she of being in the bedroom all paperwork was sorted and we were naked, next she takes my hard cock in her mouth and sucks it so well.
I couldn't let her feel left out so we got on the bed and a headed straight for her soaking wet pussy, it looks and tastes great and gets so wet. After a lot of forplay onto sex which is always amazing, she had a few orgasms. I can't wait to see her again I think I will try to make her come all over me next time which will be very soon I just hope she stays a little longer this time
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England03 Nov 2017

Lucy told me should have her front door slightly open when i arrived and she would be redy for me when i arrived, Wow so sexy , paperwork all done she showed me the way to the bathroom so i...
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could shower. Ireturned downstairs and was offered a drink started french kissing and sucking her nipples which are so sexy,my towel fell too the floor with lucy stroking my cock,she showed me some toys we could use , i sat her on her table and started licking her pussy and ass with her legs over my shoulders she tasted beautiful and smelt fantastic. We moved to the settee and she started to give me a very sloppy blowjob while i started to finger her soaking wet pussy lucy loves to gag it was fantastic.Condom on i fucked her doggy style very sloppy and sliding fingers up her beautiful arse she loved it as much as i did, condom of f she took my cock in her mouth sucking me deep then licking and sucking my balls i could not take it anymore and i shot my heavy load in her mouth swallowed the lott we french kissed and i could taste my cum.We showered together afterwards which was nice. I will be visiting again soon to sample her anal delights.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England04 Aug 2017
This lady is just so so sexy, gorgeous and so much fun in bed! She's seriously one of the best! Thank you for a fantastic hour!! X
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England17 Jun 2017
I'm always on the look out for someone a bit different and Lucy is certainly that. Quirky, chatty and very sexy. Dressed as we agreed, definitely not a clock watcher. Lucy's profile describes her as "Somerset's horniest, filthiest slut. I...
Show more...
wouldn't argue with any part of that description. From the outset, she was as dirty as I wanted. I licked and finger fucked her beautiful, plump cunt; giving her several orgasms. She then reciprocated with the best blow job I've had for a long time. Lots of dribbling and spitting on my cock whilst she sucked and wanked me off. Then I fucked her doggy and missionary whilst she egged me on with plenty of encouragement. A very fuckable lady. A final cum after another dribbly, spitty BJ. Brilliant and very enjoyable evening, thank you Lucy.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England13 Jun 2017
My 3rd incredible meet with a very responsive, willing and horny woman. I will definitely be back to enjoy her great body soon. Fantastic!! Thanks Amanda.
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England06 Jun 2017

She opened the door with the outfit i wanted and looked stunning, she offered refreshment if you want it. She slowly led me upstairs showing her sexy ass making me want to just bend her over on the stairs as...
Show more...
you don't want to wait. I'm quite sure with how wet she got and how she was reacting she enjoyed herself as much as i did. When we finished we had noticed she had soaked the sheets. She definitely runs a no rush policy as we enjoyed each other so much we ran over time and i cant wait to go back for more as her skills and role play are excellent.
She is very well educated and well spoken. This lady definitely deserves respect with the services she offers and effort she makes to do everything you want do in your emails and texts beforehand on your wants and needs.
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England10 May 2017
To get straight to the point, I have not experienced such exciting and joyful sex in years. There’s some stunning physically beautiful girls available and I’ve had great times but the enthusiasm that Amanda brings to the bedroom is way,...
Show more...
way ahead. With admin and a good shower completed Amanda and I enjoyed a good hug which quickly progressed into some intense snogging, which I love and she clearly does too – she then took the lead and used her mouth down my chest, over my stomach and then to best effect, consuming me whole and making little gagging sounds that’s such a turn on. I felt like a King. We then got on the bed and explored every inch of each other with hands and tongues. She has a totally beautiful bum and I quickly learned that she enjoys receiving lots of attention there, and I didn’t hold back. I think we were well into our adventures before anything conventional got underway – Amanda is an absolute sex expert – she knows what she’s doing and was extending the pleasure for me and her. And all the time smiling and laughing and moaning and, well, not quite screaming but you wouldn’t have been able to sleep next door! I had an absolutely super time and felt like I’d done 2 circuits of the (sex) gym and a lot more fun! So as a final suggestion, when you meet Amanda, which I highly recommend, do pay more for her time because she’s absolutely worth it (and I’ve never written that before!).
  added by  ***** for  hot.kitty.. in Somerset, England06 May 2017
Had seen Amanda in Maidstone last year and remembered her as 'something special' but either my memory is going and forgot how special or (OMG !!) how this woman has improved with age, like the finest vintage wine. From the...
Show more...
moment I was through the door, lots of sensual and passionate kissing accompanied by lots of gentle stroking and natural little moans and groans that were an enormous turn-on for me. I have to say that I have never met a woman that enjoys sex so much. I have always wondered what it would be like to have an encounter with a real nymphomaniac - I think now I know - and it was great. Truly exceptional. So glad that I booked an hour, sometimes it's a challenge to get in the mood for round two, not so here. Amanda had the perfect combination of light touch, sensual kissing and gentle moans that I was up and ready in record time, and the credit is all hers. Won't go into detail on the ins and outs, just to say that all her likes were delivered freely and seamlessly without any complaint as I pushed the boundaries. At one point she even brought one of her favourite toys into play..... a first for me and a thoroughly enjoyable twist to an already great great session. Thanks Amanda, will be looking out for you when you return xoxox
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England28 Apr 2017
I feel Lucy enjoyed our time together, she is a genuine cum queen and also a very amazing mistress!! She made me push my own boundaries and I am now up for exploring a lot more, and I feel that...
Show more...
if she didn't enjoy it, then I wouldn't of been pushed to things I would normally gravitate towards! She's an amazing down to earth person to talk to and it felt like we had known each other for years within our short time together. I could of quite easily stayed for longer had I not had to get home as it was late!

Normally in the past I have had my own issues when seeing an escort and these issues simply didn't show with Lucy, from the minute I entered until the minute I left Lucy kept me rock hard, even thinking back to the experience, it makes me rock hard again! Absolutely amazing

Treat her right guys and you will be rewarded, she certainly is somersets hidden diamond :-)
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England06 Dec 2016
The whole time felt like visiting a lover. She was attentive to my responses and I to hers. It really felt like a mutually enjoyable hot steamy sweaty session. She made me as stiff as a stick of rock (...
Show more...
a feeling I sadly don't get to experience so much these days!). Outstandingly large and sensitive nipples that were just demanding to be sucked. A rather nice bum but not as large as she joked. Just the odd playful light slap of bum cheek as I didn't wish to hurt her. Lots of touching and hands running over each other's bodies. It was very erotic. She took me very deep down in her throat to finish... it was exquisite, especially her eye contact throughout which only served to make me feel like I was the object of her passion.. a lovely feeling.
When we finished I noticed we were quite well over time, thanks Loveday I guess we did both enjoy it so much! Gents treat this lady with respect she is a a Somerset Gem.
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England02 Dec 2016

They say that during ones life time there are certain things that will remain with you forever. I felt that my time with Lucy is one of those such events and will remain with me forever.

She is such a warm...
Show more...
friendly individual that certainly knows what buttons to press to ensure that you receive a totally satisfactory service.

Lucy really loves the physical contact of the one on one close up contact and is very vocal when she is reaching the point of no return. You really need to hold onto her as body jerks and bucks beneath you as she is reaching her orgasm.

She gives a Rolls Royce service, and boy does she deliver when being services.

Lucy is not a clock watcher and I believe she enjoyed our time together. At the end of the meeting I did not require to use the shower or toilet facilities, however if these were required I'm sure Lucy would of made these available.
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England22 Nov 2016

this meet was not planned in advance and Lucy put herself out to accommodate my needs for fun late at night, on arrival i was sensually kissed then asked if i needed a shower and offered the bathroom, as well...
Show more...
as hot and cold drinks. with business out of the way we discussed my requirements and soon got down to loads of biting kissing and marking my back mmm those nails have a wicked edge to them. her love of rimming was a pleasant surprise normally girls give a tentative lick but Lucy had her tongue right in me sucking and licking for ages, with bj given almost none stop i then gave some rimming to Lucy her arse openning well, overall i really enjoyed my time and the reaction of Lucy showed she enjoyed it too, no clock watching done and wash up offered, overall a lovely lady and a pleasure/dirty girl to meet
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England11 Nov 2016
This is one of the best two hours I've had with a Girl.
Lucy was running late. She let me in so that I could wait while she got ready. We started 30 minutes late but Lucy said we would overrun...
Show more...
by the same amount. Very happy to hear this.

Lucy had on her red body stocking and some really slutty high heels. I stripped off and relaxed on the sofa. Lucy came over and started work by complementing me on the size of my cock and proceeded to lick it and my balls all over. She knew I wanted and extremely sloppy, slutty BJ and she didn't disappoint. Lucy spat on my dick, wanked it, licked it, drooled on it, and then buried it as deep as she could. What a fucking slut - perfect. She kept up a good pace, and had me as stiff as I've ever been.

She then came up for some extreme slutty snogging, with both our tongues disappearing deep into each others mouths whilst I put my arm round the back of her head to hold her in place, but I didn't need to - she was hungry for it. I then put my cock ring on, making it grow thicker, and she even managed to still bury it fairly deep in her mouth.

Then it was time to put her face down on the sofa and I gave her a nice stiff fucking. Then on to the rug with Lucy's face on the floor and arse in the air for a good deep ramming. I then taped Lucy's wrists behind her back and continued fucking her. This girl is great fun!

Anal playtime. A good deep fingering of Lucy's raised arse followed. First one finger, then two, three and finally four. She was loving it and I gave her quite a deep anal workout. Lucy is definitely one of the best Sluts I've ever played with.

Then a short break before getting back on the sofa. I proceeded to tie Lucy's tits up with some cord and then put a peg on each nipple. Lucy was quite enthusiastic to try out new things. Then we tied a couple of luggage straps round Lucy's ample frame under her tits, before she got her thick black double-ended dildo out. Lucy lubed it up, bent over facing away from me, and shoved it straight up her own arse! What a slut. I fucked her bum hole with the dildo, leaving one end buried, before sliding the other end up her cunt. I took hold of the bend and fucked both holes - excellent fun.

Then more sloppy BJ and snogging action. Then my usual finish to a session. I straddled Lucy's chest while she took my nipples between thumb and finger and started to pinch them hard. I wanked and stuck my cock in her mouth, than wanked off and gave her a superb facial.

In summary, Lucy in an extremely enthusiastic fuck slut with three magnificent holes that all love a damn good filling. What a tart! Thanks Lucy, I'll be back to stick my dick in your arse next time! And if you're late again you'll get a fucking hard spanking first!
  added by  ***** for  lovedaybj in Somerset, England28 Aug 2016

After watching her disappear up the stairs to the bedroom, a delight in itself, Lucy spent a few minutes in preparation before I myself climbed the stairs to sample the delights on offer.
I discovered Lucy lying across the bed, face...
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down, wearing nothing but an inviting but cheeky smile.

It being an extremely warm day, it was only proper that I stripped off and joined her on the bed and the delights of the evening began. Kisses, cuddles and a gentle exploration of her wonderful body from tip to toe all followed in slow procession - Lucy is too good to hurry, and we were soon all hot and sweaty.

To slow proceedings down I gave her a massage which she seemed to enjoy, giving especial attention to some more intimate areas.

In return I was treated to a prolonged and exquisite sloppy BJ which proved to be one of the best that I have ever experienced, with Lucy looking up with a cheeky smile checking my delight.

Then on to her back for some serious sex, going through her 'likes' for as long as my stamina would allow. She is an experienced lady and pushed many a button as we explored each others bodies. And there is still plenty more remaining to experience on another occasion.

She produced a performance from me of which I would have been proud twenty years ago!
A superb experience, the memory of which has brought many a smile to my face since our meeting.

I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough and I am already contemplating our next encounter, but this time only after 3 Shredded Wheat.
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Got the money side out of the way,then down to the pleasure buisness.couldn't keep our hands of each other.We snogged the face off each other,lots of tongues..just how I like it.rubbing her clit,virtually fisting her..Lucy got on the bed,her wonderful...
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arse and inviting juicy pussy gaping open..licked her soaking cunt,tastes divine...rimmed her beautiful arse.lube applied and fingering her arse....she was moaning with pleasure...teased her by rubbing my throbbing cock up and down her soaking slit..I wanted to sample Lucy's wonderful blow job skills..she swallowed my cock right down her throat..fingering and rimming my arse,got so excited,,.was finding it hard not to cum,trying to prolong the wonderful pleasure..couldn't hold on any longer.and exploded,shooting my spunk down her throat..she swallowed the lot...Then some teasing and sucking those ,hard erect nipples....took some pics of my fingers in her pussy and arse,such an amazing sexy lady...,,simply fantastic time,,can't wait to see her again...thx Lucy..xxxx
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