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Escort Reviews from Lewisham

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  added by  ***** for  Jennifer HotBrunette in Lewisham, England12 Mar 2020
Very classy girl, even prettier then her pictures! Amazing body, her skin is so fucking soft! Can wait to see her again
  added by  ***** for  Jennifer HotBrunette in Lewisham, England08 Mar 2020
Wow!! She is absolutely incredible! The most amazing body you will ever see and a genuinely lovely person as well! Thank you for a great night !! Will be back!
  added by  ***** for  Jennifer HotBrunette in Lewisham, England05 Mar 2020
A lovely afternoon of horny role play with the gorgeous girl; sensual and erotic with lots of naughty twists. Sexy, charming and delightful company - perfect!
  added by  ***** for  Jennifer HotBrunette in Lewisham, England04 Mar 2020
Shes know exactly how to tease, wonderful girl, Amazing meet, lots of fun, friendly and sexy girl, no rush, highly recommend x
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England07 Jan 2020
Nothing but good things to say about this stunning goddess an absolute pleasure to serve
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England04 Jan 2020
Thanks for a great evening Carina. Very sexy girl with a real desire to please... and she's very good at it. Great chat too, was a pleasure for me x
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England02 Nov 2019
lovely girl, ended up bringing her gorgeous friend along for the fun.just wow xx thanks girls
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England09 Oct 2019
Wow, an extremely sexy girl who can be brutal or tender, a great hour, thank you, I’ll be back; Wow, una chica extremadamente sexy que puede ser brutal o tierna
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England11 Sep 2019
This lady is super fantastic , sexy beautiful , and a great mover , this lady ticks all the boxes , one sexy mamacita ! highly recommended top Draw , fantastic
  added by  ***** for  x KinkyKristina x in Lewisham, England19 Apr 2019
Pretty and nice natured girl. All big tits and ass. Exceptional BJ and PSE.
  added by  ***** for  x KinkyKristina x in Lewisham, England10 Oct 2018
Wow best dp sloppy wet bj Iv ever had, kris is amazing so naughty & super horny
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England24 Aug 2018
Two ggs chicas! DFK,RO,OW ++. One also gave a healing hands massage, the other the best arse on the planet. I saw one at a time, duo could be 2ce the fun ! xoxo
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England08 Aug 2018
I arranged a meeting after exchanging a few messages as this was my first time with a dominatrix and I had a rough fantasy in mind I wanted to act out.

Once I had enter the house, Mistress went into character...
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leading me straight to her bedroom where she offered me a choice I could be fired from my job or I could keep it if I become her personal toy, once I had committed to being a toy, she wasted no time making me strip and inspecting my body and bringing out a sexy maid outfit for me to wear. Mistress reviled in my embarrassment as she made me drop to my knees allowing me to pleasure both her pussy and ass till she was satiated.

After some warm up as I was still new to a strap on, Mistress took me in multiple positions (making sure I was ok as I was still very tight) Before giving me a live masturbation show, only allowing me to play with myself while watching know I wanted to do far more. When I was ready to realise Mistress produced a small pot for me to finish into it before putting the pot onto the floor pushing me face first into it and demanding I lick it clean while she gave me a spanking.

We had quick chat and shower once we had finished and I left very happy and looking forward to meeting Mistress again in the future.
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England08 Aug 2018
The body on this Columbiana Woman is Absolutely Amazing .. Straight into the Action. The Complete sexual experience. So hard afterwards for days.
  added by  ***** for  x KinkyKristina x in Lewisham, England18 Jul 2018
Friendly sweet sexy girl, Sloppy wet mouth amazing OWO gagging slurping the works. Tight pussy RCW amazing and Fantastic Doggy!! CIM finish I’ll be back x
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Mami Colombiana in Lewisham, England22 Jun 2018
This girl is just amazing. So so sexy and such a nice girl. I have seen many girls in my time and she definitely is one if the best xx
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England13 Jun 2018
She certainly told me she enjoyed it - several times. And said and did so many filthy things with such enthusiasm that I'd say she did.

I like the taste of a woman all over, and that's what I got, non-stop.

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had taken the trouble to read what I said I liked - which is not in the least ordinary - and gave me all of it. A high percentage of escorts don't really pay attention to your precise desires. She did. In fact we also talked about few pretty extreme things I might like to try

She's not a teenager - and I'm mature to say the least, but fit. She is amazingly agile, like a gymnast, and a real character. Unbelievably filthy laugh and language to go with it. Again, a lot of girls have their set patter, but hers was far more arousing than most.

She began by putting me on the floor and tying my hands up plus my balls. Her armpits, pussy, feet, arse - I had a fantastic time exploring tasting and licking all of them. Also some fun and games with used knickers. Every bit of her tasted gorgeous. I certainly did need the shower she offered at the end.

I liked her immensely, and will return, though it's a damned tricky place to get to from where I am
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England05 Jun 2018
Has an Unbelievable figure who Kickboxes,wrestles & ballbusts, What a woman. Great session.
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England18 Jan 2018
I texted Mistress when I arrived and she text back that she was ready and I could come to the door. I opened the door and went in to me met by this wonderful Goddess wearing a pink and black...
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latex outfit. Truly Mistress Queen Bee is an amazingly beautiful woman, totally breathtaking. We had a quick catch up and discussion about what I wanted to get out of the session. Make no mistake, Mistress will built the session around what you tell her, but she is in charge at all times.
I was tied to the bed on this occasion and we started with a little intoxication. Mistress is probably the best Mistress that I have met at intox. She totally gets what I need and pushes all my buttons and tests my limits. I do feel totally safe with Mistress Queen Bee at all times though.
Mistress then did a hypnosis session with me. This was a new experience for me with Mistress Queen Bee and she is very good at it. Totally delivered the experience that I was after.

We then had a chat about what we might be able to do in future sessions. I will definitely be back to see Mistress Queen Bee as I think I have found one of the most amazing Mistresses that I have had the opportunity to meet.
There was absolutely no clock watching during the session and in total we went well over the time allocated.
Treat this Goddess with the respect that she deserves, she truly is an amazing Mistress and will take you to the most amazing places if you allow her to take control of you life for the time of the session.
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England01 Nov 2017
Mistress greeted me erotically dressed in latex and immediately put me at ease in her playroom. We had a quick chat about my desires for the session and mistress promised to meet them all.
We started with an intimate enema using...
Show more...
a special liquid and then followed with some anal play. Mistress's outfit was very revealing allowing incredible views of her fabulous breasts and the rest of her beautiful body. A joy to behold!
I had requested a severe caning but to be truthful I was unable to take the severity of mistress's beating by various implements. I think that she was willing and could deliver a very hard beating if wanted. Nevertheless, I still came away with some severe markings across my buttocks as I had requested.
We then had some needle play where mistress inserted some needles in my private parts. Quite a turn on for anybody who enjoys such play. I was offered the use of poppers by mistress but we managed without using any.
Overall it was a marvellous experience and totally met or exceeded my expectations.
We ran over time but mistress still offered refreshments after the session which unfortunately I had to decline as I needed to be elsewhere.
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England15 Oct 2017
Standing in a corset, her breasts bulging out, a small thong and heels. She greeted me warmly with a kiss on the cheek and a hug and led me through to her play room.
We sat on the bed for a...
Show more...
while chatting, Mistress wanted to get a feel for me, understand what i was looking for and help me relax. I enjoyed talking to her and she seemed genuinely excited, she stroked my face, told me i was lovely, said she liked my eyes and wanted to introduce me to submission. I was instructed to strip whilst mistress left to get us drinks. I was to lay on the bed naked and wait. When mistress returned i was stood up, moved around the room for an inspection then put on my hands and knees whilst mistress went behind me for a ''closer'' look. Some light and gentle spanking followed until she sat on the edge of the bed and i was commanded to crawl towards her and kneel upright. I had a collar and leash put around my neck whilst Mistress explained how i was to respond to her, i had to answer yes mistress or no mistress, eye contact was permitted when allowed by mistress and that i was going to become her bitch. We started with some light boot worship, nothing crazy, mistress just wanted me to kiss her boots. I worked my way up and mistress guided me up towards her. I was on my knees, permitted to look at mistress whilst she unzipped her corset and her breasts burst out. This i have to say was very very enjoyable. I was permitted to kiss mistresses breasts (Which i wasn't expecting). This moved into a hug from mistress with my face buried in her chest and her commenting on how she could tell i enjoyed intimacy. A brief moment later and i was instructed to suckle on her. I couldn't believe it, it was wonderful, i licked and sucked on her nipples whilst she looked down on me and told me to look her in the eye whilst suckling on her. It wasn't to last tho, mistress eventually zipped up her corset and instructed me to lay back on her gyno bed. I had cuffs put around my ankles and my legs raised in the air whilst mistress pulled up a chair. She instructed me on breathing techniques whilst she started giving me a prostate massage. Moving from 1 to 2 fingers and then introducing a small vibrator. This was amazing, i could feel the vibrations moving through me whilst she sunk her fingers into my ass. Eventually figuring out i enjoy the in/out motion of penetration the most. This excited mistress, she jumped up and said if that's the case i'm going to enjoy getting fucked with a strapon. I was unhooked (cuffs still on my ankles) and taken back to the bed. I was to help mistress put her harness on. I had to get it nice and tight so she could ''fuck me properly'' I was also assigned the task of opening condoms and putting them on the dildos which i did. Mistress then slipped the dildo into her harness and laid me back on the bed with my back arched upwards by a pillow. Mistress sat back opposite me with our legs crossing over each other she lubed me up and slowly pushed her strapon inside me. We started off slow at first and she tested how deep i can take it. Slow thrusts the full length of the dildo. She eventually picked up speed and then told me to fuck myself on her cock... she seemed to really enjoy this and then started on my again, we got a rhythm going and there i was, on my back getting my ass fucked. After a while mistress jumped up and told me to move over to her bench. She wanted to bend me over and fuck me. But before we did she commented that her dildo was too small and i needed to take a bigger one. So.... out came the bigger one, she popped it into her harness, gave me a condom and stood there and watched me whilst i put it over her big rubber cock. I was then bent over the bench. On my tip toes, mistress gently pushed this bigger strapon into me and i have to admit, i was quite proud of myself. It slid in nicely and i got that sensation of being stuffed, i loved it. This one was quite deep so we started off slow and moved up to a faster pace. There i was, bent over, a collar and leash around my neck, cuffs around my ankles and holding on to this bench, looking into the mirror and watching whilst mistress fucked my ass, getting faster and faster, i got the feeling of pressure building up inside my ass, mistress grabbed my hips and went at me even harder and faster. I loved it, it felt amazing. She eventually reached over and grabbed my cock whilst fucking me, she started to wank me off and seemed to be really enjoying herself now. I was then instructed to wank myself of whilst she continued fucking me and i got a few light spanks. Eventually she stopped, popped out the dildo from her harness and shoved it back into my ass whilst she knelt down next to me. She said she wanted better access to my cock so she could milk me. The fucking and the milking combined was crazy pleasure. She built up a rhythm and i couldn't last much longer after that, she told me to just cum all over the floor. It was a lot of fun.
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England26 Jun 2017
Provided all that I had requested and more. A fun filled visit. Stunning looking with a great figure. Very respectful, a must for a return visit.
  added by  ***** for  x KinkyKristina x in Lewisham, England20 Apr 2017
A Very Sexy Lady with OWO to die for! All services delivered with great skill. I had an AMAZING time :-) Thanks Kristina xxx
  added by  ***** for  MISTRESSQUEENBEE in Lewisham, England24 Jul 2016
Mistress greeted me at the door & showed me into the Dungeon room. I was offered a shower (not required) so given a drink whilst we chatted & discussed the Session.
Mistress then instructed me to remove my clothes whilst she...
Show more...
prepared the Furniture & Equipment she was to use.
After inspecting me, Mistress attached restraint cuffs to my wrists & ankles & ordered me to lie face up on one of the Benches. She then fixed my wrists securely to the top end of the Bench & my ankles to metal posts at the other end, raising & separating my legs to expose my Anus & Genitals. She then fitted a Blindfold & full Head Mask.
A Penis Vacuum was fitted & pumped until I was suitably enlarged whereupon a leather Cock & Ball device was fitted.
Mistress then inserted Lube into my Anus & commenced probing & stretching me with her gloved fingers until she had 8 fingers (4 from each hand) inside me. As I was now suitably dilated, she inserted the large Strap-on & gave me an expert fucking !
Mistress proceeded to Fist me with one hand then the other, going inside me up to mid-forearm & massaging my Prostrate whilst twisting her hand inside me. This was definitely one of the most skilful & satisfying Fisting experiences I've had to date, for which I am most grateful.
Not surprisingly I enjoyed the Session so much that I went back for more the following afternoon !!!
  added by  ***** for  x KinkyKristina x in Lewisham, England29 Mar 2016

Really got the impression Kristina was enjoying our date as much as I was. She worked really hard to make me feel at ease and believe me, she is incredibly sexy. Started off with French kissing, which she is very...
Show more...
very good at. Moved onto some absolutely amazing OWO; Kristina really knows her stuff. She kept things interesting by switching positions and adding variety. You really don't have to do much if you don't want to, just lay back and enjoy yourself. I did go down, which she really seemed to enjoy and I have to say this lady is stunning all over. She makes you feel like you're some sort of love-god; whether you are or not, the effort is appreciated.

This was my first time engaging in this, and knowing that Kristina guided me through the experience with sensitivity and understanding. It felt like I was with a good friend and totally comfortable. Ended with some excellent work from behind, again all down to Kristina's talents and efforts. Highly recommended - you literally cannot go wrong with this lady. First class service all the way. Can't wait to go back and see her again
  added by  ***** for  Jennifer HotBrunette in Lewisham, England14 Mar 2010
Top GFE and owo great body and good comms oh and what a sexy French kisser great time with a lovely girl.
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