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Escort Reviews from Harrow

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  added by  ***** for  Reeka Busty Milf in Harrow, England02 Mar 2020

when I arrived at Reeka room I had a hot shower I got out shower and Reeka dry me down and that time my cock begin to get hard see Reeka tits and shave pussy I went on the bed...
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when we start to touch each other body I couldn`t keep my hand off Reeka big tits suck her tits and playing with her nice soft ass. Reeka kept on give me lots of hugs and kiss .she begins to give me a great bj and she went on top give me a cowgirl shoot my load
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England27 Feb 2020
excellent massage nice ambiance caring and attentive certainly fantastic with her hands. 2 pops in the hour not bad for a 72 yr old. recommended would see again
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England21 Feb 2020
Gorgeous lady, very sexy and sweet had a amazing time,can?t wait to see you again Thanks mwah xxx
  added by  ***** for  Englishblondexxx in Harrow, England20 Feb 2020
very polite, awesome vioce and a real damsel in any sense you can thik. so cute, see you again nice lady
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England19 Feb 2020
she is from Central Europe but has lived in the UK for years and speaks fantastic English but with a sexy Zsa Zsa Gabor-esque accent. She's an engaging conversationalist and a university grad so we spoke on a number of...
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issues which was a very pleasant surprise.

I arrived a little late but no drama from her. Gift out of the way I was offered a shower in her clean bathroom which I availed myself of. Once finished we got down to business for the next 2 hours. I have to say this was one of the best punts I'd ever had. she is somehow able to provide both a PSE and GFE experience all in one and it made for a very intimate session like with a very open minded girlfriend. I won't go into anymore detail then that other than to say that everyone should give her a try and I can't believe she doesn't charge more. she did not clock watch once and there was none of the common trying to rush you out the door. Gents treat her well!
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England18 Feb 2020
Nice and easy to arrange, dropped her a txt, sharp response
Great directions to her room
Opened the door, dressed as requested
Sorted the paperwork, started with some light FK before heading to the bed,
Off with her underwear and worked down her body
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has a very neat trimmed bush which is nice to see sometimes
She enjoyed the oral and she played with her toy
Very vocal, could tell she was enjoying it
She has lovely big lips and tastes amazing
On with the hat and teasing her while she squirmed was fun but I had to get in there
After working her mish for a while
Pulled out and turned her over to pump her from behind ti make us both cum
Great location and facilities was able to shower and clean up before heading back off
Bit of a chat before heading out
Would recommend anyone to see her if she’s in town
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England15 Feb 2020

Laid back and relaxed experience. I was offered a shower. Then we have proceeded to the main course, which was just like I expected a nice attentive girl. Followed by a massage. Then I have been offered another shower before...
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A great conversationalist, she is chatty, fun and engaging to spend time with. She most certainly knows how to entertain and engage the client.

This is the first time I have seen her but it certainly won't be the last. As she is so conveniently located close to my work place, this is a definite plus. I very much look forward to my next appointment.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good experience with no disappointments.

There are several escorts in London and I've been quite a few. Some are ok, some disappoint and very few are brilliant. she certainly is.

Good times see you again soon.
  added by  ***** for  Englishblondexxx in Harrow, England14 Feb 2020
Once again Michelle’s communication skills were great & she communicated very well with me - before; during [diry talking included!!!] and after our meet

When I met Michelle past the front door, I got the paperwork out of the way and...
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we kissed - French Kissing that seemed to go on …. We stopped kissing when she dropped her dressing gown standing there starkers, did a twerl for me and walked in front towards the bedroom. Her bum cheeks moving in a rhythm and I just had to stop her, smack her bum a few times as she had been naughty, then put my fingers up her cunt to start playing with her. To my amazement she was already very wet. I commented about this and she replied that as her libido is normally high in the mornings, she had to have a wank before my arrival. This really excited me and I put my fingers further up her cunt to play with her. My fingers were full of her spunk dripping all down my hand. What a naughty start

Once in the bedroom, there was a cuppa waiting for me. I sat at the edge of the bed and Michelle sat on my lap, holding the cup in her left hand letting me sip slowly and enjoying my hands fondling her tits. She put the cuppa down and straddled my lap facing me and of course my right hand went straight in to her cunt; from time to time fingering her clit. By now I was pulling her nipple with my left hand & sucking the other tit hard. She started to moan and her pelvic moved in/out – she was on heat, horny or what? moaning like hell as I carrried on wanking and sucking her tit. Suddenly, she spunked and squirted. My jeans were soaking with her pussy juices. My God this girl is a sex bomb who CUMS when I wank her

Michelle stood up still dripping and started to undress me. Asked me to lay on my belly and she started to give me a nessage. Her wet cunt rubbing on my bum. Her giving me a deep massage certainly calmed everything down for a few minutes but then she pulled my cock backwards through my legs and gave me a hand job, followed by rubbing my balls & face down straigt on to my cock sucking it followed by hand job. I emptied my sacks in her hands. I could have gone to sleep as I was so relaxed but michelle had other ideas, she wanted me to give her a massage and feel her arsehole and cunt. My hands and fingers did the job of massaging Michelle & wanking her in both holes. Michelle can talk dirty OMG what can I say just listening to her dirty talk can bring a man to spunk!!! She gushed out and curled up in to a ball. What an orgasm with a spunky cunt and my hand wet with her spunk that I rubbed all over her arsehole and bum – it was magic

We lay there kissing and cuddling. Michelle got on her 4s and asked to be fucked really hard from behind. Of course I obliged with hood on and straight in to her cunt – banging her as hard as I could. She asked me to stop and got out of bed and stood next to the wall with arms stretched out and slightly bent over, in a sense ordering me to shag her hard. My hands around her waist and cock in her cunt, banging her soft fleshy bum - with our bodies banging noise and she screaming – it didn’t take us long to CUM again. I was done!! Exhausted as I pulled her back on to the bed, lay there cuddling in to her

We lay there talking about all sorts of things when Michelle asked if I was up for a quick massage before leaving. I wasn’t going to refuse this gorgeous girl sitting on my bum and rubbing baby oil in my back. She certainly knows how to pamper a man

Michelle never clock watches and this second meeting once again wasn’t rushed as we both genuinely enjoy each other. Having had such a great meeting, once again I had a grin on my face all day. Thank you Michelle & until our next fuck time which will be after my hols in 3weeks time. Look after those lovely suckable titties babe xxxx
  added by  ***** for  Englishblondexxx in Harrow, England12 Feb 2020
Michelle took me to her bedroom where we kissed&cuddled as she started to undress me slowly in a very erotic way. It wasn’t long when I had my hands on Michelle’s big soft tits gently rubbing her nipples and caressing...
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them; sucking those tits like a hoover!! while cuddling her as we dropped on to the double bed. I asked Michelle if she had some baby oil so I could massage her back. That’s exactly what I did sitting on her bum and rubbing oil in to her back. She felt very relaxed and as I moved back & sat on her legs I played with her big bum cheeks and gently slid my hand down the crack feeling her arsehole and pussy. Micelle’s pussy was soaking wet by now and it didn’t take me long to slide my fingers in to her pussy and wank her really hard. OMG she CUM so fast. I took a condom packet from the side table and put it on, pulled her crack open and slid my cock in to her very wet cunt. Amazing, as I fucked her it didn’t take me long to CUM, my cock thrusting through her bum cheeks in to her cunt. Hood off and I was back massaging her back. Michelle was so excited and as she turned over and lay next to me, I had my fingers on her clit, rubbing and wanking and it didn’t take her long to CUM again as she shivered in sheer excitement. What a spectacle to see a woman cum deep, eyes shut and completely content lying as I gently carried on licking&sucking her nipples. She felt very safe and as Michelle told me afterwards, she felt an ‘out of this world’ experience. We were both exhausted!!! What a beautiful experience

After a few minutes she was on her 4s asking for a doggy ride from me – a big beautiful bum. Hood on I thrusted straight in to her banging her real fast and hard. All I can say is her bum and my pelvis banging with loud noises of our moans & groans - she must have really liked this as she fell face down on the bed with me on top of her still banging her until there was no spunk left in my sacks

All I can say is hitting the right buttons makes Michelle CUM over & over and what a sight to see her enjoying it. Exhausted we lay talking for a while and then it was time for a shower where Michelle joined me and started to wash me – well, washing and sucking my cock. I can honestly say this girl is a cock sucker & she loves it

Michelle is not a clock watcher and my meeting wasn’t rushed in any way as we both genuinely were enjoying each other. This most enjoyable experience left me with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Michelle is a very obliging seductive & submissive MILF with a body to die for. I need more so I’m seeing Michelle on Friday when I’m back in Leicester – so until then babes xxx
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England10 Feb 2020
This sexy lady commits fully into making all your sexy fantasies come true with such enthusiasm nothing is too much trouble a real genuine sex pot
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England09 Feb 2020
While not wanting to reveal too much explicit detail, I can safely say that Valentina is as close to perfection as I have found in an escort. She is a modern-day Aphrodite! As long as you treat her respectfully, she...
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can make your dreams come true. You will be more sexually and emotionally satisfied than you have ever been in your life. Valentina opens up to you on a deeply personal level, and this encourages you to be honest about your own thoughts and desires. Valentina is by far the best escort I have ever met. I hope to make many happy repeat visits to her when she returns to Preston!
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England09 Feb 2020
A very sexy woman with a great sense of humour and mind blowing oral skills. I highly recommend spending time with her xx
  added by  ***** for  Reeka Busty Milf in Harrow, England06 Nov 2019
Reeka is a truly wonderful lady with amazing sexy lips and blowjob skills to die for. She greeted me with a warm kiss and a hug, invited me to shower and offered a clean towel. She insists on having your...
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hands washed (very good practice). During the meeting she proved to be an excellent kisser and can do a very sloppy BJ, deepthroat, and guaranteed to leave your legs trembling. She is very conscious about hygiene, has excellent time keeping but not a clockwatcher. A very nice and warm personality too. Hopefully she enjoyed our time together, I certainly did.
  added by  ***** for  Reeka Busty Milf in Harrow, England16 Oct 2019
Absolutely fab time had with a lovely, fun lady. She is good company too, really friendly. Nice to have met you sweetheart x
  added by  ***** for  VALENTINA FULL GFE in Harrow, England14 Oct 2019
A fantastic lady and real a gem! Welcoming and seductive and will having ensure you have a good time. No rushing and very accommodating.
  added by  ***** for  Sexy Foxy 79 in Harrow, England06 Oct 2019
A great filthy slut experience!
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England09 May 2019
Had a very good time with Kate, great massage to relieve all stress. She is very kind and polite too. Highly Recommended.
  added by  ***** for  Emily Jane London in Harrow, England10 Apr 2019
Emily is one of the best. Very engaging and great fun to be with.Treat her well
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England05 Feb 2019
Absolute magically hands, Kate is truly exceptional and just the most amazing company you could wish for....
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England03 Sep 2018
Amazing Hands and a touch that will send you to the heavens... Best happy ending I've ever hadha
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England01 Sep 2018
I highly recommend a massage with Kate, she has the perfect technique to ease away your aches & pains from a hard day.
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England02 Mar 2018
Good massage, her fingers in my arse were a dream, nice bit of rimming at the end!
  added by  ***** for  Sensual_Massage. X in Harrow, England05 Feb 2018
Kate is a very welcoming, warm and beautiful woman. I had a wonderful hour being massaged by her truly magical hands. Till next time, thank you x
  added by  ***** for  Emily Jane London in Harrow, England08 Aug 2017
I had a wonderful time with Emily Jane who has a sexy curvaceous body and definitely knows how to use it!
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