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Escort Reviews from Cambridgeshire

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  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England10 Feb 2020
Ruby is truly one horny, dirty girl. My knees are still trembling. It won't be long before I see her again. Thanks Ruby xxxx
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England06 Feb 2020
I arranged this date with Ruby weeks before. I arrived at the house to find her looking bloody gorgeous as always. We had a catch up and a chat over a bottle of wine. I had my arm round Ruby...
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and it felt like being with a girlfriend. We began to kiss and Ruby moved my hand on her now bare tits. Her nipples get really hard and she likes the odd pull and flick. I ran my hand up her dress until I felt her very wet pussy. My finger slipped straight inside of her no problem. Ruby loves being fingered, so I added more until I was gently fucking her with four right up to the knuckle. Ruby then dropped to her knees and unleashed my cock. She looked me right in the eye before sucking me off. I came all over her face and she looked a filthy mess. Still with spunk over her face, I went between Ruby’s legs and licked her to orgasm. She was soaking. On with a condom and I fucked her in the sofa as she was. This was all over with in the first hour. Good job, she is such good company as I then could spend the rest of my time relaxing.

Ruby is so genuine and horny. She loves sex and it shows, but time with her doesn’t feel like visiting an escort. She’s a really nice girl and a bloody good shag! Not much else to say xx
  added by  ***** for  SexyEnglishSarah in Cambridgeshire, England20 Dec 2019
As soon as I walked in the door, Sarah took my breath away as she was simply stunning. She controlled me as soon as we closed the bedroom door and had me tied spreadeagled to the bed.
Whipper, slapped, pinched and...
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also gently teased for the next hour whilst unable to move was pure heaven.
I asked Sarah to push my limits and she soon had me begging her to stop the CBT, which she then switched to sitting on my face whilst edging my cock over and over again, finally releasing me to an almighty orgasm. After a few minutes of recover, Sarah soon had me hard again and made me cum a second time.
Sarah is perfection, beautiful, and a very trusting person, I can’t wait to see her again.
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England18 Dec 2019
Just when I thought this lovely sexy girl couldn't get any filthier! I had Ruby in all ways you can imagine, naked and naughty! Just how I love her!
  added by  ***** for  August-Mae in Cambridgeshire, England07 Dec 2019
Every thing that I could've wanted and more.
  added by  ***** for  August-Mae in Cambridgeshire, England08 Nov 2019
Smiley, chatty and a fantastic time, thank you. Just what i needed :)
  added by  ***** for  SexyEnglishSarah in Cambridgeshire, England25 Oct 2019
After dispensing with the paperwork and initial exchanges we remained standing and began kissing and cuddling. Sarah seemed to know exactly how to tease me to attention. I especially liked the way she gently fondled me over my trousers before...
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unzipping me and continuing to arouse me.
I'd asked things to be taken slowly, as I often find too full-on an approach doesn't work for me, so she continued to find ways to tease my, now, semi erect penis.
She soon sunk to her knees and I loved the sight of her giving head and I could feel myself getting closer. Sarah reluctantly followed my suggestion to allow me to return the favour. I do so enjoy licking a pussy and hers was no exception – very neat and definitely tight. With moans and occasional words of encouragement she climaxed. After, we relaxed with a cuddle and chatted away. Meantime she continued to play with my cock and clearly took a professional focus on the need to achieve my orgasm.
Time had passed more quickly than we had realised and, though there had been no clock-watching, it was time for goodbyes and think about next time.
  added by  ***** for  SexyEnglishSarah in Cambridgeshire, England30 Sep 2019
Sarah was stunning. I was met at the door by Sarah in a very sexy outfit, and once formalities were out of the way, she became my ultimate playmate.
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England05 Sep 2019
Yet another amazing afternoon with Ruby, 2 hours of fun and filth. She's the best. Straight talking and no nonsense. Great comms. I'll be back soon for more ! X
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England31 Aug 2019
Well after building up the confidence to meet Ruby last time I can honestly say she has me hooked.

Ruby answered the door in a silky black dressing down that went to the floor. Her hair was what I described as...
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Marilyn Monroe style but a shiney dark brown. She really carry’s this look off and it really turns me on. Beneath her gown was her sexy curvy body covered in emerald green lingerie, black seamed stockings and heels. All looked amazing against those tattoos of hers.

We snogged lots and had lots of foreplay. Ruby’s pussy gets so wet and is a pleasure to eat. I have never known a girl to get so wet. Ruby never stays perfect looking for long because she will literally smother herself and your cock in bright red lipstick when she blows you. And boy does this girl go to town when she does it. I wish her smeared lipstick stayed in my cock forever! Xxxxxx
  added by  ***** for  SexyEnglishSarah in Cambridgeshire, England29 Aug 2019
I was offered a shower but I declined. I showered before going to her. I entered the door of her flat and I was overwhelmed. Again, Sarah is a stunning woman and the first seconds I could not find my...
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words. We entered the bedroom and I gave her the money. After the paperwork we started a session of long sensual FK. We touched each other which was very very nice. Took off the clothes and kept on going. She went down for a nice sensual BJ and some tickeling of the balls with her fingernails. On the bed she continued with her BJ. I put my hand between her legs and she was wet. I could not with to taste her so I put my face between her legs for a very long oral on her. Sarah enjoyed it and what I liked about her that is that she let you know what she likes. The combination of licking and fingering her made her come. My turn. I was as hard as a rock. Condom on and she laid on her back. With the right reactions and words from her part, it did not take long before I came.
A little more chatting and I went.
Would I return???? Is it hot in hell? off course I will
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England22 Aug 2019
I had planned to meet Ruby a few weeks ago and it was everything I expected and more.

I met Ruby at the address for a long evening meet. When Ruby opened the door I was gobsmacked by how gorgeous she...
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was. She is very pretty with cute dimples and sexy red lips. She was dressed in a sexy black pencil dress and killer leopard print heels. I could not wait to get her undressed.

I bought a couple of bottles of red wine and we chatted for a while in the living room and listened to music. Ruby is a real vixen and just being in her company made me hard. Ruby leant over to kiss me and groped my cock before suggesting we go upstairs. I followed Ruby’s sexy arse up the stairs with wine in hand and a hard on in my pants. Ruby undressed revealing a sexy black bra and knickers. She kicked her shoes off revealing her smooth tanned feet and sexy red toenails. I was in heaven!

Ruby is a fantastic kisser and very tactile which I love. Ruby removed her bra and I sucked her incredibly hard nipples and she played with my cock. Ruby then climbed on my face and placed the sweetest tasting pussy over my mouth. Ruby came hard leaving her wetness on my face. She then went down on me and gave me the most incredible oral. Nice sloppy and very deep. You can just tell she loves sucking cock when you touch her pussy and feel how wet it is.

Ruby has a big selection of toys and asked me to fuck her juicy pussy hard, she loves it! The harder the better! I have never been with a woman who squirts before and I was stunned by the cum that came from Ruby’s pussy. She soaked us both and the gushing seemed never ending. We had lots of mutual oral and foreplay. It was intense and very horny. We fucked in various positions, nothing outrageous, doggy, missionary and Ruby on top, before I came hard in Ruby’s mouth where she swallowed the lots (another first for me)

Ruby is great company and a fantastic fuck! I will be back soon, love her to bits xxx
  added by  ***** for  SexyEnglishSarah in Cambridgeshire, England16 Aug 2019
I showered before arriving so didn't need to use that facility. The room was clean and tide with a well placed mirror.

I had a great time and I think Sarah was comfortable with my requests. I climaxed twice (my personal...
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target) which is not easy for older men. Sarah did not clock-watch, I was probably more conscious of time than she was. A perfect experience and one I cannot recommend highly enough.

I sense Sarah is genuinely dedicated to her profession and will certainly visit again. She truly works hard to meet her clients' needs and deserves respect and consideration accordingly.
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England12 Aug 2019
Another amazing time spent with this amazing lady. What she does is move the dead very sweet and wet pussy. See you soon.
  added by  ***** for  August-Mae in Cambridgeshire, England04 Jun 2019
I had to postpone the meeting due to illness but all coms were quick and friendly. Will definitely book again
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England13 May 2019
I have met Ruby many times before so knew what to expect. She’s tall with a firm hourglass figure and lovely curvy boobs and bum.

I asked Ruby to arrive dressed in casual attire but Ruby’s casual is still classy and...
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glam. Ruby arrived in a bright red retro style dress with cute red shoes that tied up her tanned legs. Her hair was down and styled to suit her look. Her make up was immaculate as always with her trade mark bright red lips. Ruby is a striking looking girl with a gorgeous face

Ruby met me at my hotel, on time and looking great. We went to the bar for a couple of drinks before heading off for dinner. I won’t go into our evening but Ruby is a cracking girl and a joy to be with. Our evening was full of laughs and flirts. Ruby is polite, courteous and friendly.

Back at the hotel! Ordered wine to the room as Ruby got Naked!

Ruby is a great kisser and I loved fingering her as we kissed passionately. Her pussy is tight and naturally wet with lovely long lips. We went into the 69 position, where Ruby sucked me deep. Ruby then got on all fours where I rimmed her deep. Ruby suggested that we play around with the empty wine bottle so I fucked her delicious pussy with it as I ate her arse. This turned on so much she encouraged me to funk her arse. I grabbed her ankles as she backed onto my cock. She rode me like that until we both came hard together, it was fantastic!

More wine, laughs and kissing!

After a well earned sleep I woke up to a sexy naked Ruby playing with my cock! I fingered her pussy again as she gave me the deepest, sloppiest blow job.....followed by coffee, it was the best hangover cure yet!

Can’t wait til next time xxx
  added by  ***** for  August-Mae in Cambridgeshire, England24 Feb 2019
Lovely and caring. Very available and taking pleasure in accomodating customer desires and needs. Recommend
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England28 Jan 2019
Just WOW!! Voluptuous is incredibly cute,sexy,have mazing pussy.Made her orgasmto high haven.Very wet pussy.Sex was fantastic.Would detinitly return! 10/10
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England23 Jan 2019
Great dominatrix pushed me past a few boundaries and was the best I ever seen even gave a £50 tip she really under charges for her service must see girl
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England03 Jan 2019
This is the sixth time I have seen Voluptuous Milf. And every time gets better! Met at a local hotel, a key card was left for me at reception as I had requested. I had asked her to be in...
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full stockings and suspenders, with heels and laying on the bed playing with toys as I came in the door! She didn't disappoint me at all! I text in advance to let her know I was coming up and as I opened the door she was on the bed, her stocking clad legs were apart and she was pushing a toy deep between her long pussy lips and rubbing her clit with her other hand. She was moaning and gasping with excitement, I watched her for a bit, truly turned on by what I saw, it was all I could do to stop myself from jumping on top of her and join in but I wanted to savour the moment. Before long VM told me she wanted me to lick her out, I didn't need telling twice! She spread herself for me and I jumped onto the bed and went to town sucking and licking her into my mouth. Her pussy tastes divine! She responds like the sex hungry vixen she is, pulling at my hair, squirming and moaning all the while then I felt her nails digging in my head, hers breathing becoming shallow and her body tensing and straining as her orgasm filled her and then erupted on my tongue!

Needless to say I enjoyed the other 3.99 hours even more, but it was a blur!

If you need a new years resolution, make it to see this lady!
  added by  ***** for  August-Mae in Cambridgeshire, England11 Dec 2018
We had wanted to see August-Mae for some time, and finally timing worked out.
We had a good text rapport, and services were discussed and agreed prior to meeting, with A levels very honestly left to be dependant on if she...
Show more...
fancied it on the day. Fair enough to me, but don't book if this is a 'must have' for you.
On the day Clear location & directions texted 40 mins before meeting and proved accurate on arrival. Parking was easy, and area quiet.

I buzzed her flat number and was let in to foyer quickly, and found her flat door ajar so no waiting.

Behind the door I found a STUNNING gothed up August waiting for me, in stockings, a black lacy push up bra, and tiny black thong. I nearly came in my pants there and then.

Seeing my reaction, August giggled, and broke the ice with a lingering kiss, then led me to her bedroom.

Paperwork sorted, we lay together (I was freshly showered), caressing, kissing, and flirting. Hands wandered, kisses got deeper, breathing got heavier, until we were both naked and panting.
August moved slowly down my body, teasing my neck, nipples and tummy with her tongue on her journey to my by now painfully hard cock.

Pure bliss. She may be young, but she is an artisinal cocksmith. No rushing, slow sensuous, varying depth, suction and tongue movement to astonishing effect. Looking in to her big knowing eyes as she worked me was just too much, and I came hard in her mouth. August didn't miss a beat, swallowing me and continuing to play with my spent cock in her mouth till I begged for mercy.

A cuddle to catch our breaths, and it was time to return the favor.
August has a delicious, smooth shaven pussy. I seemed to hit the spot as she got really wet and her responses were so hot. I gently introduced my finger to the situation, and before long, she was arched double and gushing in my mouth. Fantastic.

More banter, kissing and cuddling, then August revived me for round 2 with her magical mouth. Then it was on with the nodder, and in to missionary. Her pussy was tight and watching her huge pierced tits flush with passion as I fucked her was a sight never to forget.
After a bit, we switched to doggy, and I gently massaged her button with my thumb as we fucked. August seemed to enjoy this, and she yielded to my touch. At that point I suggested something else, and lucky boy that I am, she agreed.

August is new to A levels, so we took things slow, and with her in control. It was incredible. Impossibly tight, and I just knelt back to marvel at the sight of her beautiful big smooth arse backing on to me, using me as her fucktoy.
As she relaxed in to it, her movements became more confident, deeper, and she played with her clit as we then came together, me buried deep in her wonderous arse.

We lay together for a bit in easy conversation, and I was offered a shower, but declined.
There was no clock watching, and we actually overran the hour a little, which I take as a compliment to our chemistry.
I left on jellied legs, utterly spent, with my only thought being how quickly I could return.

A perfect experience.
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England16 Nov 2018
I had an amazing time. We got on really well! Overran by 15 minutes, did not clockwatch at all. Great blowjob absolutely amazing! Treat her well!
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England26 Sep 2018
Friendly, welcoming, horny, multi orgasmic girl - sex on legs and real deep french kissing - must go back soon
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England06 Jul 2018

I came across Ruby’s profile by accident, she was touring the area. But once I saw her pictures and read her profile......... and once I’d managed to pick my jaw up off the floor, I contacted her and asked if...
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I could come and see her. Ruby agreed a time and told me where to come.
I arrived just before and dropped her a text, she replied and gave me directions to the room, didn’t need to pass the desk, just straight up the lift. I knocked on the door and it opened, I walked in, Ruby was behind the door, as it closed she stepped out. At that point I knew I’d made the best decision to go and see her. What a vision! Standing in front of me was this girl with fantastic curves, tall in her heels, legs wrapped in black nylon, black basque, her ample boobs spilling out a little, her long hair cascading over her shoulders, a beautiful face with ruby red lipstick on full pouting lips. My god, what a find! We kissed tenderly leading to passionately almost like we’d met before! Paper work handed over, we chatted and she lay on the bed in all her glory whilst I fumbled with buttons and zips as I hurriedly undressed. I could not keep my eyes off her. We lay together, chatting, my hand caressing her figure. She has the most gorgeous firm body, a very spankable ass, as we kissed the feel of her sent me to seventh heaven, I wanted to get my head between those firm thighs so I kissed my way down her body. I spent time caressing her pussy with my tongue and lips, then started to suck and lick her. She was wet, very wet, and tasty, oh god, she tasted like nothing on earth! She opened her legs wide, holding my head, making all the right noises. What a pussy. I sucked on her long labia lips, flicking her swollen clit, a very intense orgasm rippled over her and then another in quick succession. The rest is a blur, she wanted my cock in her mouth, she got on top and buried my hard cock deep in her mouth, pure heaven, she kept on the edge for ages, but wanted to feel her legs wrapped around me and be deep inside her. On with the condom and then missionary. It was all I could do, not very exciting for you readers but I was sooooooo turned on I came so fast! My god, what a fuck! Cleaned up and chatted a bit more, shower offered. No clock watching, no rush on her part at all.
All in all, Ruby is fantastic! I will be seeing her again.
  added by  ***** for  Voluptuous Milf in Cambridgeshire, England18 Feb 2018

I parked up and awaited instructions from Ruby. She gave me her door number along with instructions and I was told to walk straight in. I found Ruby perched at the end of the bed. She stood up and greeted...
Show more...
me with a kiss on the lips. WOW! Ruby looked fantastic in a long black silk robe with gorgeous black lingerie underneath, stocking's and a matching suspender belt. She took off her robe and laid back on the bed while I undressed. She began to play with her pussy in front of me which was a huge turn on. I joined her on the bed and she stuck her fingers in my mouth. I could taste the sweetness of her pussy and my cock grew solid. We shared a passionate full on French kiss as we fondled with each other. I sucked on Ruby's nipple which became erect and she seemed to enjoy having them flicked. I offered Ruby oral which she happily accepted. Her pussy is divine! A beautiful pink with huge labia, she tasted great too. I gently licked Ruby and she encouraged me to finger her. She was soaking wet. I continued to lick and finger her until she came hard and her juices ran out of her. I have never known a woman to get so wet! Rubbed her juices on my cock and told her to lick them off. Ruby went on to give me the best oral sex I've ever had. It was sloppy and deep and she actually swallowed my cock. As hard as I tried I could not longer hold back and I came in Ruby's mouth. She opened her mouth to show me my cum, licked it round her gorgeous red lips and swallowed the lot. What a dirty girl she is!
I was offered a shower which I accepted and we had a good chat before she gave me a kiss and cuddle before I left.

Ruby is a very horny girl and this was one of the best sexual encounters I've ever had. She's an absolute star!
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