Conversations with Male Sex Workers, They’re Just Like You and Me #DecriminalizeSexWork

Here is the first peek at a project I am working on “Conversations with Male Sex Workers.” I am in the middle of interviewing and chatting with a dozen or so male sex workers for a short documentary I am putting together.

Marshall featured in this video was my first interview and I wanted to share with you all and give you a little feel of the project. Marshall thinks it is important to let people know that he chose to do sex work and not that something ‘happened’ to him that made him do sex work and he is not a victim, which is a huge misconception of his profession.

Hooker? Escort? Sex Worker? How do you protect yourself physically and mentally? How did you get into the business? Future plans? Getting shade from poor stars, setting boundaries, and much more. The intent is to go behind the stigma of sex work and expose that sex workers are just like you and me and to decriminalize it.

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