Hiring An Escort To Take My Son’s Virginity

Disabled people deal with all kinds of barriers, but trying to fulfil that most basic human need – sexual intimacy is still seen as a taboo.

26 year-old John has learning difficulties and his mother took the decision to hire him an escort to help him lose his virginity. She found him Laura Lee.

Laura Lee was a professional escort and specialised in helping disabled individuals. She later went on to become a civil rights activist and campaigner for the rights of those in the sex industry

Sex for sale: inside a British Brothel – BBC News

Police are choosing to allow brothels to operate providing they create a safe environment for women, one former detective – now a brothel owner – has told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

How to treat escorts as told by an escort

As told by a genuine sex worker, the do’s and don’ts of engaging with an escort.

It’s important you understand that sex workers offer a professional service just like hairdressers, dentists and chefs. The service offered doesn’t give you the right to treat them badly or degrade them. Be courteous, polite and professional.

We Have Launched!!!

Who are we and what are we about?

SexScort is an escort directory platform, which offers a safe place for not only sex workers but all users of the adult entertainment marketplace. Our sole purpose is to become the safest place for escorts to advertise and a fun & exciting place for all to visit.


Quite simply, to be the safest Platform on the internet.


We hope to one day cater for all escorts worldwide, providing advanced crime reporting tools, putting in place systems that will go a long way to help stamp out crimes against sex workers globally.

What makes our platform safer than others for sex workers?

On SexScort the escorts are in control. Only they can decide to accept or decline booking requests. Only they can choose to make their contact details available to photo verified or ID verified members if they wish. This is a huge deterrent in crimes against escorts.

Members can also choose to only contact photo verified escorts meaning the listing is far less likely to be fake. Members can also leave reviews for escorts saying what a wonderful experience they had or to warn others if their experience was negative.

We care about the people on our platform and want to make it enjoyable for all users, escorts, members and guests. Be kind to each other and enjoy the wonderful experience on offer on our Platform.

Why do I deserve fun and excitement in a safe environment?

This is extremely important because it reduces stress, improves sleep and improves your quality of life, it has a positive effect on a person’s mental wellbeing. So, to have fun and excitement whilst feeling safe, WOW what an amazing combination, what a fantastic feel good factor that would be. That is exactly what we hope our Platform is offering……..WHAT you’re still not convinced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well pop in have a look around and see for yourself …………. And remember everyone deserves to enjoy life everyone deserves to feel safe 😊

Other classifieds sites are free. Why do you charge?

This fee covers administration services only, which helps to make our Platform safe for sex workers and members. It takes time and money to monitor and police. Therefore, we charge a small administration fee to enter our Platform and become a VIP member. This small administration fee helps us add more resources to our system and create new safety features for years to come.

Your membership helps make the sex worker industry a much safer place.

The daily equivalent of your membership is less than the price of:

  • A Large Big Mac Meal
  • 1 cup hot chocolate at Starbucks
  • Pack of cigarettes

Surely a safer sex worker industry for all is worth this 🙂

(Disclaimer – we are not associated in anyway with the above companies)

Please read all our policies before entering our Platform.

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